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Pregnancy in High School Posted on 04-16-2003

Babies havin' babies. Is it just my school or does it seem like more and more highschoolers (especialy the under classmen) are getting pregnat? What's with that? And how do you feel about it? ~Holla Back at tha Diva 8) ~
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lay_d_wit_class replied on 04-16-2003 11:40AM [Reply]
o it's like the thing here. everytime you turn a corner u see a chic pregnant and te majority of them are underclassmen. there is one chic who is a freshman and she's got a 9 month old baby. it's crazy. they really don't think about they will be wit that child for the rest of their life. they just look at they just think about the baby part and forget the rest. but it's crazy cuz they really don't care. it's crazy.
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replied on 04-16-2003 11:50AM [Reply]
not one.
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replied on 04-16-2003 02:50PM [Reply]
Yea out here quite a few chics gettin knocked up. Its cuz Williamsbrg is so dag on country and dont nobody got nothin else to do but **** each other. (excuse my language, but its the truth :roll: ) It's not jus underclassmen out here either, its evErYbOdY!!! At my old school (North Stafford) in the DC area, half my peeps ive known from 8th grade and up there have a baby/pregnant/or got a child and pregnant AGAIN. I think it really is sad cuz they have to basically put their life on hold for their child and they really wont know what they could have done if they didnt get pregnant. Half of them dropped out, but some stayed, and i know this one girl (i thought that she would never get pregnant) she was accepted to VCU i think on a basketball scholarship, cuz this chic could ball her tail off but.........she got pregnant, this year (and she a senior too)-i was like dayum.......her life changed jus that quick. So yall think before ya act, cuz ya never know what could happen, ur life could change within seconds......and i know that from a personal experience :wink:
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TSUlady from Bloomington, IL replied on 04-16-2003 08:07PM [Reply]
There are a couple of girls at my school getting pregnant ,and its not that its a common thing at my high school its just that it hasn't affected me directly. I just found out that this gurl in my class is 4 months pregnant. I really do think its sad because while the rest of my gurlfriends are talking about what HBCU their going to and who's going to be roommates w/who she's going to be deciding how she's even going to continue high school. :roll:
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replied on 04-16-2003 09:32PM [Reply]
If theres one thing Ive see so often, its so many young girls that are pregnant, underclass or not. To me, at Hampton High, every time you turn the corner you see someone who is about due or just getting started on their pregnancy. It saddens me because some of these girls dont realize that that if they are pregnant their whole lives change. And its sad to hear what they say when you ask them how they feel about it: "Oh my mama's gonna help me", my grandmama's gonna help me, so what its just to keep my man around, the babydaddy keep him too, so once its born i'll get back out and do what i wanna do" . Please!!! They just dont know what they are in for!! What will they do when the "babydaddy" leaves and wants nothing to do with the child, or mama says you gotta get a job and pay for everything. I mean there are so many things that could happen, IF THEY DONT KNOW It AINT CUTE!! Dont get me wrong pregnancy is beautiful, bringing another life into this world and all...but maybe it hasnt smacked them in the damn forehead yet!!
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replied on 04-17-2003 11:32AM [Reply]
I gotta agree with the above posted. It doesnt have nothing to do with lack of education, or lack of parenting or anything of that nature. Its young girls and guys wanting to be grown so bad that they do whatever it is they think they know everythig about, when in all actuality they know everything about nothing. They kid themselves into thinking that they are invincible and that nothings going to happen to them. Then when things do go askew they wonder how in the world did they get it or why do they deserve the consequences. If anything , its selective hearing of what they want to know and try to use that in a way that is an advantage to them and then f ck things up and wonder why it turns out the way it did!!! **Excuse me for getting heated but I hate seeing this!! :evil: **
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amillion07 from Hephzibah, GA replied on 04-17-2003 06:36PM [Reply]
Well at my school its really unheard of that anyone is pregnant. The people at my school are really just into worring who has the highest GPA than anything else. However My friend did get pregnant this year. When the word finally got out that she was pregnant the administration tried to get her to leave the school cause she was bringing down the rep of the school. Being the number 1 school in Ga, and the fourth school in thee nation we have to keep up a certain rep. This is what they told her. However she did not stray or let them get her down, the girl has a Gpa of 3.8 ranked number 10 out of 94 people in our class. I know she didn't plan on this happening, but she does know that there are other things that could be worse. Her and the father are still together and plan to go to school here in augusta next year. I don't agree with teen pregnacy at all. However we also need to look at those who aren't teens and who are "grown" and still having baby after baby, with no commitment from the father, inadquete financial status, and just without thinking. Sometimes society comes down on teens and shun the others away as if its not just as wrong. Now me I an the outcast. The middle school that I went to was babycity. There was a girl in the 7th grade and had 2kids (twins) and another on the way after x-mas break. Now my 8th grade class by 10th grade out of the 60 girls that were in my class I was one of the 15 who had not had a baby or was pregnant. I believe that if you do get pregnant, you should not have the option of ****. If you did the crime you should do the time. After all its not the babies fault that you couldn't control your hormones, and keep your legs closed. Its called multi-tasking, some people should try it.
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coffeencream04 replied on 04-18-2003 06:53PM [Reply]
At my school there are many girls pregnant and many that already have kids. For us it's just not a shock to hear that someone is pregnant anymore. I think a lot of girls think its cute and some just really weren't thinking. My bestfriend has a two year old son and just pardaes him around like a 'lil **** cuz it's "cute." But the mind set they are giving him isn't right. All I can do is tell her it's not cute but thats it because hes not my child.
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La replied on 04-19-2003 12:32AM [Reply]
"Ajai03" wrote:
My mentor told me that I was a rose. And that everytime I slept with a boy he took a petal from me, and he told me not to leave my husband with just a stem. quote] Damn thats deep. It really makes you think and put your own personal morals in to perspective.
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