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I need some advice Posted on 11-29-2004

Anywhere, FL
Hey Wussup! Aight I need some advice here's the problem. I have had a crush on the same guy for 4yrs.The only reason I didn't really talk to him is because he went to my crosstown rival Highschool. Well now we both go to the same college and he's in my Spanish class and that should be my perfect chance to holla. However I have a conflict one of his friends wants to holla. Now when he 1st asked I told him I don't know and I needed time to think. Well that was last Dec when he asked could he holla. Now the guy in my Spanish class is frop **** goregous but its like I wanna talk to him but I can't because I'm afraid I'll say somethang stupid. I have always had a problem with believing in myself. Well now the guy who is in my Spanish Class his friend wants to holla. I hadn't talked to him since last Dec. and he told me about him gettin in trouble with the cops and stuff. But when I talk to him its like I can tell him anything like we've known each otha for a while. The only thing is that I don't wanna rush and tell him I am feelin him then the nxt. day be like I don't know. I can't figure out how to deal with this. I mean we talk 4eva on the comp. and on the phone and it just feels like we click but then I hear the little voice in the back of my head sayin He'll neva go with you ur wastin ur time. Look at all the pretty chics he can have. Any advice is greatly apprecitated(sp)
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kujo from baltimore, MD replied on 11-29-2004 09:39AM [Reply]
I think I have the story straight. You have a crush on person A(in your class) but person B (person A's friend) likes you and you don't know if you like him back or if you want to pursue person A. Okay if that's right then here's my response Have confidence in yourself and talk to him like a regular person(easier said than done I know!!) You may find through general conversation that he really isn't what you thought he was. The grass isn't always greener.
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CuteNThick from aurora, CO replied on 11-29-2004 06:47PM [Reply]
i think u should go 4 it. so what if his friend wants 2 holla just tell him u are not in to him like that. and if you have a project in ur class then try to have the project with da person u like
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