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YOU assume Posted on 12-06-2004

your the one that taught me not to assume to ask before i act to know before i leap to make sure before i get in 2 deep to not be afraid to ask but you assume that im the same person without even asking with out even a phone call without a care you assume im the same broken me so you leave me in the cold assuming that i will never change no faith that God can bring me to this point you assume ill be the way i was unless you avoid me and think only of yourself you assume the worse you assume that you have to run and i assume that that is a coward move so i guess we are even assumptions are made lets see where it will take us and i assume this will not take us anywhere we want to go but let the record show i never assumed about you until now :?
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Princess LaRonda replied on 01-02-2005 12:51PM [Reply]
damn I can relate to this type of piece.... I can definitely tell that's from experience and you felt some kinda way when you wrote this...assumption will definitely make an **** out of you....I hate when people ASSUME things...that's the worse
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replied on 02-05-2005 11:20AM [Reply]
i do agree FULLY
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