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[i]Dear Diary[/i] Posted on 12-15-2004

Dear Diary, I have to tell you about things going on in my head But I cant do it now, no not yet See, there's a reason why i'm not emotionally strong And why for 3 years its been hard for me to get along On MArch 18th, 2001 my first love passed away he left w/o a word with nothing to say but before that the baby we were supposed to have was aborted because we knew financially we couldnt support it we knew family member wouldnt let us stay together they would break us up thinkin it was for the better but now its been 3 years since the love of my life has died I remember last week when i sat in my room and cried Dear Diary, I've been lost and confused Because the one I'm with now makes me feel so used I dont understand when its me doing everything wrong I've been weak for so long i'm too scared to be strong he tries to make me happy and just to see me smile and i know its hard cuz i havent smiled in forever but im so torn on the inside its hard me to tell what im doing wrong or right what can i do if im down with the blues or if the feelins i have for him just arent true diary im sorry, now i have to go... i have things to think about..what will i do.... honestly i dont know..... **ME**[img][/img]
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Wisdom_Tree from Texas City, TX replied on 12-15-2004 09:16PM [Reply]
Two posts in and youre opening up to the lounge. G.J. Try not to scare the guys away - there are few poets as is. 8) :arrow:
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replied on 12-15-2004 09:19PM [Reply]
:wink: i twry my best :wink:
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~*Secret*~ replied on 12-20-2004 05:06PM [Reply]
dang...i almost cried
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replied on 12-21-2004 06:16PM [Reply]
aww...dun crwy :roll:
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