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Free Verse Posted on 12-21-2004

I needed to get this out so I could get over it, so I just posted this directly from my Xanga page. When someone asked me did I miss them of course I told him yes, then he proceeds to ask what do I miss. All these things started to rush into my head and all I could say is everything. Of course that wasn't a sufficient, so this is my attempt to put my thoughts into a poem. Free verse was the only way to put it all together, so here is my so-called attempt at it.............. Everything The feeling I get when you touch me And touching you in almost every way imaginable Your kisses on my neck that lead to my chest Seeing a smile with every sarcastic comment I make Then getting lost in your eyes with one simple look at your face The compliments that make me realize the beauty that I can't see Believing that the only one that matters is me Your ability to caress every part of me you touch oh so right Laying on your chest and hearing every beat of your heart And feeling like nothing in the world can harm me when I'm in your arms Kissing your lips and licking your chest Feeling your tounge on my lips and back When anger turns into passion and desire Your aggression without my permission My apprehension that turns into submission You accepting me when I feel I'm at my worst But knowing that when I'm with you I'm at my best. That's why when you ask me what I miss about All I can simply say is....EVERYTHING!
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