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Last Months Tears (For the Unsure, Struggling) Posted on 12-22-2004
Texas City, TX
I was riding, deciding to stare widely at the highway Wondering if my way was more upside down than sideways Wished it was Friday...washed up in insecurity Iniquity ubiquitous, it soaked unheavenly, my lack of purity Made fury seep hurriedly and bury me in sad verity, verily. Very deep, it used to carry me through nights, every week I weeped, no sleep. Eyes opened filled with "What If's" ; doubt pouring Made death alluring, my breath endured me but no steps assured me Words were blurring through sniffs, whiffs of air mid sentence In my Fathers presence, intense asking for repentence, admittance... He said, "I cried Last month, working with my back, paid scrap Paid less for doing more, Son, its exactly that Hands are worthless, while minds are priceless Youre gonna have to deal with it, not later but now, so why stress? Yes, It's my guess youre depressed, answerless Dont answer this, you know who has the Answers List Youre so cancerous to yourself, hazardous So after this, rise, Son, be like Lazarus You have to get... UP; no one walks it but you Words worth comes from within, no one talks it, Just Do. Those shoes are for you, He made them for two, youre not alone And, until you rid your self of last months fears, youre not at home You cannot atone for it all, live life to the fullest I assure this; trying to be perfect is our purpose. My day rose to the surface, above last months pain Might be sad another day, but ill rise again.
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replied on 12-22-2004 12:53AM [Reply]
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caramel QT replied on 12-23-2004 11:49AM [Reply]
This is definently one for my favorite's list! excellent poem
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 12-23-2004 08:39PM [Reply]

beautiful :cry:
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Wisdom_Tree from Texas City, TX replied on 12-24-2004 12:19AM [Reply]
*PURE*Kindnezz wrote:
beautiful :cry:
*hugs you*
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 12-24-2004 02:15AM [Reply]

^^^thank u Tressy poo
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~*Secret*~ replied on 01-02-2005 02:14AM [Reply]
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