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SHOE SENSE Posted on 01-01-2005

Why do Infatuation always be copying Love? You know how Love always wears those expensive pretty shoes with the high heels that barely make any noise? you don't even know she in the room till u turn around and she all up in yo face, then got the nerve to laugh 'cause you startled. U can't get mad tho, cuz you fall for it everytime. Well, Infatuation just went to Baker's and got some that look just like hers. But hers got these hard-ass plastic heels u'd find at the titty bar that be going clop-clop-clop wit every step. Sounds like a horse walking down the street. You know if u in a business meeting and hear a snare drum in the distance, its her late ass , disturbing everybody. Then got the nerve to switch, bring MORE attention to herself. I wish she's just stop being so cheap and get the real ones, instead of messing up my parquet wood floors wit THEM ***es!
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~*Secret*~ replied on 01-01-2005 10:54PM [Reply]
that was tight tori
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