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Rains of My Heart (This is SO OLD!) (non-rhyming) Posted on 02-03-2005
Texas City, TX
As the tide of my soul crept in, I longed to be near my ends. Boats move in and out...fearless and afraid, meaningless life turned upside-down, the aura of my body manifests on the banks. The tide flows out and the well dries, I cannot hide myself any more, I have become too salty to taste, never to feel the shore yet upon another's. A lone boat creeps in with the hot sun,holding in it all that I hold dear. The father of time and creation enters, clouds overdue from their rest are emptied. And so the story ends, the boat all adrift, at the sea of my heart and soul. Sodden from the torrent of my love, Broken from the winds of my faith. Your boat, tossed and turned, has been my barrier between death...and life...I love you
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