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And you would be? Posted on 02-26-2005

I'm completely lost........
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Karma from Prairie View, TX replied on 02-27-2005 04:00AM [Reply]
10 months ago we were friends 6 months ago we shared 1 good kiss, then he pulled some foul foul foul ish and i stopped talking to him. I can count on 1 hand how many times I've talked to him since then, out of neccessity. 2 months ago I found out he has a gf, has had one longer than he's known me. So, what am I supposed to do about that? What's done is done. 3 days ago she wants to call me and ask 21 questions. I just dont get why. Okay, even without that example I still dont get it. For years I have seen my aunt run behind every boyfriend she has trying to see who ELSE he's dealing with. Busting HER windows and threatining HER life. So, what about him? He's not in the wrong? That's really all I'm trying to understand. Why waste your time talking to "the other woman" who really owes you nothing because she's not the one that's supposed to be committed to you. Now if she were a friend of yours, somebody you're close to yall might have something to talk about. I'm just sayin, talk to your man before you go running off at the mouth to some female you dont even know. I guess I was just irate at her calling me and bringin up some ish i could live the rest of my life without thinking about again. But see, had she just talked to her guy we both would have been spared the irritation cuz I know I igged the hell out of her. We're 2 different people though because I went to the root of my problem and asked him why she was calling me just as she could have asked him whatever it is she wanted to know. I got my answers and I can move on, but i still cant understand making it seem like the man is blameless and it's always the other chicks fault. But ya know, I digress. People are going to react to stuff the way they want to, so whay question it? Oh, cuz I wanted to know. I remember now. NT-wayz, graci for the response. Made me feel a little better.
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Thoroughly_Confused replied on 02-27-2005 02:52PM [Reply]
thas too much to read about a topic i don't concern myself wit, so all i can say is........ to hell wit her, you moved on. don't worry about her cuz obviously she is the one thas go'n come out of the situation lookin stupid
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replied on 02-27-2005 03:37PM [Reply]
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