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Friendz as ROOMATES?? Posted on 02-27-2005

Shaker Hts, OH
Jus wonderin if ya'll think its wise 2 have a friend as your roomate.. or should u just a random person the school picks?? :? I've heard horor stories from both sides ! So what ya'll think!?!?!?
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LadyCrimson10 from Louisville, KY replied on 02-27-2005 06:21PM [Reply]

I have had talks about this with some of my friends too, and the best thing that they and I guess I can suggest, is that you need to make sure that you and that friend have a deep friendship, and that you know you and that friend can make it through till the end, because people have told me that being roomates with a friend has ended a lot of what they thought was a lifelong friendship. Besides I feel that college is about meeting new people, and if you roomate with someone you don't know and things turn out ok then you can room with them again.
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ThatClassyGirl216 replied on 02-28-2005 11:51PM [Reply]
Yo I would NOT be a roommate with a friend...I would rather take a chance and let the school give me a random roommate. When I went to Hampton I thought about switching rooms so I could room with a girl who I thought was a friend but I decided not to. Well it was tha best decision I made...I had tha BEST roommate out of all tha ppl I knew, and we got along great. Me and tha other girl ended up falling out...I mean she's super messy, doesn't take messages...and had to switch rooms becuz of roommate probs. Trust me, if u value ur friendship (even if tha girl is ur BEST friend) don't room with them. Because at the end of the day, they can go to their room and u can go to yours with no hard feelings!
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In Rod We Trust replied on 03-02-2005 01:42PM [Reply]
I'm actually rooming with someone whom I've known since the 8th grade It's coo cuz u know we can relate to eachother...talk about the old days. And we trust eachother. We pretty much share food and it isnt "whats mine is mine" but thats just us. She DOES get on my nerves tho cuz the bytch never leaves the room but hey thats just me. Anyways I wouldnt reccommend you rooming with ur best friend...the girls across the hall from me were BUDDY BUDDY ...bestfriend for life and shiet...now one of em moved out and they don't even speak anymore... The only way I can say move in with ya friend is if u guys have an house/apartment...then it might work cuz hey...u go to your room...she goes to hers.... Just think it might sound all nice and dandy...but i dunno it just really depends on the person 2...hope that helps
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quannicab from Spring Hill, TN replied on 03-04-2005 10:35PM [Reply]

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replied on 03-05-2005 07:26AM [Reply]
Shoot I'm kinda iffy on the whole rooming with another person thing. Mostly because I'm just a nervous person. I worry about if I get along with the female or if everything would be cool when I'm in the room with her and all that type of stuff...I just don't want to have those nightmares at all if you know what I mean...
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TSUlady from Bloomington, IL replied on 03-05-2005 04:20PM [Reply]
yea I'm kind of worried about that also, me and a friend of mine are planning to room together at Tennessee State University and my mom and sister keep advising me against it, but I don't want to go there without knowing anyone, I need some kind of security. But I'm still considering having a random roommate, I still got time. 8)
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 03-06-2005 10:25AM [Reply]
Im going to be rooming with my best friend.....im 99% sure i will....but i mean...I trust her...and she trusts me....and i mean...i dont think it will be bad at all...because i KNOW her....and she spends so much time at my house....and ish...so i doubt there will be any SERIOUS problems...
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ThatClassyGirl216 replied on 03-07-2005 02:33AM [Reply]
Y'all just be careful with that...sharing ur room wit a friend could feel like a never-ending sleepover...that could be good or bad...
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replied on 03-07-2005 08:26PM [Reply]
room with an associate not a friend. Please i beg of u don't room with a friend cuz when that friend buggs u...who tha hell u gonna go complain to??? Ever think of that. Sum friends do work out but it's better to go with a stranger and get a roomate switch if it doesn't work out
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