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My little love letter Posted on 04-10-2005

Well, this is something i wrote for this girl i had met real recently(it was recent when i wrote it like a half year ago) and we were friends and had good vibe and all. I really had feelings more than friendship tho and i wanted to let her know exactly how i felt without actually speaking becuz i've never actually had "real" feelings like that for a girl. Neway i sent this to her in a text message one day: I'm sending you this message Because my speech won't show How my heart really feels But I need you to know How much I really care about you I'm not sure if it's love That in itself tells me it's not But being just friends isn't enough I want to be with you I want to give you all you deserve So much in common I feel like we were separated at birth I don't know if you feel the same But you've always been honest But if you do feel the same I'll never hurt you, I promise Well, after she received that message, i was let know that the feelings were mutual and she felt the same way about everything. We messed wit each other for a while, but it didn't work out. We weren't as compatible i thought we were before we got really into the relationship, she was bringing too much drama. So i had to make one of the toughest decisions in my life. I really thought she was the one too... Ah well we might meet up again down the road. Well enuff of my blabbing.
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replied on 04-10-2005 03:22AM [Reply]
AwWw that was Very sweet ^ it sOund like it came from the heart especially the part that was like I want to give you all you deserVe awww :-) ... I know this is off topic but did you end up taking the ACT today ?
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replied on 04-10-2005 11:20AM [Reply]
Yeah. Thank god that's the last standardized test i ever have to take. I'm getting closer and closer to officially being done wit school
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JaimeBSU from Baltimore, MD replied on 04-10-2005 12:43PM [Reply]

I like it....keep up the good work. Too bad things didn't work out for you all
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lykehoney from jessup, MD replied on 04-12-2005 08:10AM [Reply]

I like it alot. I'll be waiting to read another good poem :-)
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Black_Beauty replied on 07-09-2005 04:54PM [Reply]
aww bbboooyyyy, that was sweet & smooth :-)... sry that it didn't work out :-( maybe it just wasn't the right time... next time take it slow and get to know the girl and her background more before going out with a girl
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Poody from Sandy Springs, GA replied on 07-12-2005 01:40AM [Reply]
am i crying *wipes eye*
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