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... hmm any Doubts ? Posted on 06-01-2005

Hey I just got back my SAT scores for the May test and it was my first time taking it and I diddnt do as well as I would have liked and I really would like to apply to Howard. Hampton and Spelman but I dont know if I will get in because my score out of 2400 was not that great ... my mom thinks I did alright considering I diddnt take the class but I would like to get a Scholarship and I dont know how I am going to do it because in order to get one I would need to get in the 1700 - 18oo range =/ I dont know what to do but keep working on it but does anyone else have and doubts about weather or not you will get into the College you want to go to ?
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replied on 06-01-2005 12:56PM [Reply]
I don't have doubts about getting into the colleges I want to get into...I have doubts about getting scholarships...and I'm taking the new SAT for the 2nd time this Saturday (I took the old one once)...damn I'm tired of the SAT!!!!
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PoochieT from Cary, NC replied on 06-01-2005 01:05PM [Reply]

No doubts right now! I did have doubts for Spelman and Howard but I feel like have have a good chance of getting into both. I hate how standardized tests are somewhat of a big factor of being accepted into college especially since everyone doesn't test well, but im gonna still study harder so that I would have a nice high score for scholarships.
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replied on 06-01-2005 01:40PM [Reply]
Please do not worry. The HBCU's mentioned look at so much more than your SAT score. I have an inside secret for you: The new SAT is VERY difficult for college admissions offices to assess. We are not sure just how much weight to put on it with the writing portion etc. If you are a junior or senior then work your GPA hard. Take as many AP or Honors classes as you can. You do not have to 4.0 these to make a solid impression. Your recommendations should be stunning. Some do not want these letters...send them anyway. Stay real active at school, church and in your community. The SAT II prep classes help you with strategy. Go to the library if you are short on funds and order as many SAT II test prep books that you can. If you are considering a SAT II prep class make sure that the person doing the writing prep is qualified. They need to have credentials that exceed class instruction in english. Good luck and try to relax and enjoy the process.
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replied on 06-01-2005 07:17PM [Reply]
Actually yea, i do worry sometimes about money, i am not worried about getting in i am worried about paying, the demographics at my school (all black) is so horrible a majority of the graduating class is going to a community college or a state college i am not knocking Coppin State but i know a lot of them can do 10x better. The messed up thing is that only one student out of 200 is going to Hampton and two are going to Howard. College Mom, Howard does look heavily upon the SAT Scores.. it shouldn't be that way but they base their scholorships on it
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OohSheNIICE replied on 06-01-2005 07:27PM [Reply]
Well I really messed up in Algebra 2/Trig this passing year. Everything else is basically straight but I'm about to go into my senior year and I'm not gonna play any grades. Being that my gpa dropped a bit, Im kinda worried about some scholarships but its a good thing that all scholarships arent about your grades. You have some given for sports and stuff and sometimes even if u got like a 2.5 at some schools, if you're in alot of activites, have great letters. You can still get some kinda scholarship so I gotta buckle down. I really dont wanna take AP english but I think Im gonna end up taking it. I'm also taking physics. My school only has AP english but if you're an honor student and got like at least a 21 on your ACT, they will let u take some college courses at the community college here So pray for me yall!
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replied on 06-01-2005 07:40PM [Reply]
Menina: You are correct about the stated criteria for HU scholarship monies. Their are many other sources for scholarships that look at a wide variety of criteria. If you have a year or two start researching/marking the scholarships that you want to persue. This HBCU CONNECT has a section as well on scholarships.
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ThatClassyGirl216 replied on 06-01-2005 10:26PM [Reply]
colleges DO look at SAT scores because schools like Hampton, Spelman, Morehouse, Fisk, and Howard are pretty competitive (I know, being one of 1400 out of 11, 000 applicants to be part of the freshman class at Hampton) but at the same time, they look at activities, GPA, recommendations, and essays. It also wouldn't hurt to get in good with almuni of the school you would like to attend. They can usually put in a good word for you and maybe even get u more money. But when it comes to Hampton, u get scholarships based on GPA, ROTC, and SAT scores. I know NOTHING about the New SAT...I say stick with the ACT, it's easier (to me) but anyway I wish you the best of luck in applying to schools!
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replied on 06-02-2005 02:53AM [Reply]
Wow thank you for all of the information College Mom I really appreciate it but if you have family members who have attended a College your interested in will that help any ? I know alot of people who arent that smart who go to HBCU's and end up doing extremly well and the reason why I get nervous is because I see people who are smarter than me getting rejected and people who arent as motivated getting accepted to wonderful schools so thats why I am a little concerned ... But I am not in AP or Honors but I am and in the College Preparatory curriculum at the Prep school I attend and its very difficult ... I talked to one of my friends who applied to CAU Howard and Hampton and she said that Howard let her in but they wanted her to re-take the SAT's and try to get a higher score before she could be admitted ... and Howard and Hampton have wonderful scholarships but you have to have pretty good SAT scores to get them and I dont do that well taking tests ... my gpa is okay but my school is so difficult only 40 people in my whole class our of 200 people have above a 3.5 and above GPA and thats not that good but about 98 percent of all the students attend 4 year colleges and universities ... alot of people also graduate from the CP curriculum and go to really good schools but I hope they will take school rank. grading scale and curriculum into consideration also because it would help me out alot
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replied on 06-02-2005 05:25PM [Reply]
Hello Sweetheart... Thank you. As my sons ALWAYS tells me " breathe easy". That sounds good for starters... Ok, Yes. Family members as Alumni certainly does help. Family members who are donors are a "done-deal". Now, if you come up a little bit short on those relatives then here is one strategy. * The Alumni Chapter in your area for the HBCU's that you want to attend are an excellent place to start "adopting" relatives. Contact them, ask if you can volunteer to to help at their next event, fold papers, mop, sweep, dust...get a connection and keep it. They have events. Ask if you can HELP. Be yourself, be genuine and let them know that it is your DREAM to go to their HBCU. Be honest about this because if grown folks like you they will move mountains for you. On the "who-gets-in/smart/not smart". Your observations are right on. I can tell you from my professional experience (cough) that MANY of the not so "smart" on paper have lots of letters, personality and promise. No HBCU wants all the top ACT, SAT, GPA folks in their student body. Most want a balance while going for the best and the "smartest" on paper. Many of the ones who get in have 200% parental backing. NO ONE will tell you that they mom/pops got them in but for many of the ones who get in and you go: "WHAT"? Their mom/dad or somebody pulled some strings or made some moves. Some parents are very very pushy, persistent and involved in this part of their child's life. They are in it to win it. Also...money talks. If you really go deep on these "mystery admits" you wil more than likely find that they mom/dad is payin' 150% of the bill. This is a no risk for the institution. Put yourself in the shoes of the college. They only have so much financial aid and loans and then you get a borderline or below the line student who is full pay plus the parents are willing to bust out another check for the Annual Fund...what would you say? On your school/AP/Honors/ranking... Admissions is a very fickle job. I would love to tell you that great care is taken every day and with every applicant but that is not true. You have to knock them out the box with your essay, intellect, involvement...along with solid SAT II scores and a good GPA. Have your counselor, minister and others who know you write a letter on your behalf. I will add that if you hold membership and office in some of the traditional children's African American organizations that helps. Being a deb and other things also pushes you forward...no joke. No, this is not written and will be denied on the spot but... I want to also stress that you may want to add a couple more schools to your list of Howard, Hampton and CAU. I suggest this for balance and for your sanity. Pick a few other HBCU's. Now if your heart is set on one or two then go for it with all you have. If you can go for early decision but learn what that means for you. If you for some reson do not get in then appeal...appeal again and appeal again. Visit. I think college tours are swell but, a one on one visit is outstanding. I remember a kid came to visit a HBCU. She took the Greyhound all the way across the country with her own money. She was so serious about her college choice. College folks don't forget those sacrafices especially today when so many applicant's fail to make a lasting impression and happen to be spoiled rotten. If you can not visit use their toll free number lots. Talk to anyone who will talk to you. Do not let them forget your name! ALso, do not foget theirs...send them notes and cards for the holiday...blows them away in a good way...shows style and class... Sorry to be so long winded but these are things that I want you to think about so that you can design your strategy for college success. My Best!
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