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When a Teen Speaks Out Posted on 06-06-2005

When a Teen Speaks Out You should listen when a teen speaks, but most would rather steer me bought, Write me down under 1 of many stereotypes but not hear me out, We get left in the cold in a world so different then that, Of an older African-American generation, because we’re young and we’re black, It seems like no matter how many of us listen to our history and learn from lessons taught, If our pants sag we’re immediately written off without a second thought, So what did they really expect when instantly we’re just put up on a shelf, Never truly learning from our mistakes because we “can’t decide 4 ourselves”, We live in a society that brainwashes youth into believing clothing must be designer, Yet all the problems and issues we face are always considered minor, Well if minor is young women taking their lives over a missed period, Then I’d hate 2 see the state of teens if our problems were serious, But if they were minor so many of us wouldn’t look at life and wonder if they’re worthy, And we wouldn’t have people losing their lives over a $1.59 Slurpee, If our issues were so little that u really wouldn’t have 2 bother, Then y did my boy C have a knife pressed 2 his throat by his own father, There’s no answer 4 y so many of us die without the chance 2 grow, No pity 4 the friend who step-dad abuses her and who’s mom calls her a hoe, It’s so easy 4 us 2 be six feet or looking thru a glass talking thru a phone, We call each other n*ggas cuz its better than what we get called at home, We’ve fallen so hard in2 the traps set 4 us and have mistaken our enemies, Which is y at 15, 4.0 student Myesha Myatt was shot in the head over mistaken identity, We r stuck living lives where things out of place, nothing happens how it should, So our problems are not minor, they’re just misunderstood, Can’t understand how teens w/ a past of physical abuse reacts when some1 crosses the line?, Just add their anguish with a couple of Ak’s and 9’s and u’ll get Columbine, But see we as a generation gotta find a way 2 express how we feel, Cuz if we don’t stick up 4 our rights and beliefs, then who will?, We need 2 change all the stereotypes, we need 2 finally discover, That we will never solve any problems by killing each other, I still pray 4 a world where all the issues that so many teens go thru r fixed, A world where Myesha Myatt is still alive and Columbine doesn’t exist, So b4 u ever think ill of us and try 2 put us down, Ask urself if how u would be growing up in what’s happening now, And if u can’t answer that question without a second thought or doubt, Then maybe u should listen 2 every word when a teen speaks out, I'm out...
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replied on 06-07-2005 12:37AM [Reply]
Damn, that was deep! You got mad talent. Keep up the good work
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lykehoney replied on 06-07-2005 03:40PM [Reply]
This was really good you should get your work published somewhere. so keep up the good work.
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