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Welcome To the Room (Please Read B*tches) Posted on 05-11-2004
Texas City, TX
Ladies and Gentlemen (and other genders as well), Theeeeeeees...eees da forum....for those of you who have the ability to make words look pretty on paper...err....computer screens. Feel free to freestyle battle here, sing your heart out (they are only words, but we'll try to...type along with you), or talk about your favorite rappers. Keep it R *gets smacked by Tya* PG-13....Dont worry, I'll be the biggest one to curse...b*tches...
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Wisdom_Tree from Texas City, TX replied on 01-21-2005 08:09PM [Reply]
Oh Boy, its the New Year, year of the **** ****... Yeah, I made that up. Anyways, to all of my new people coming in, this is the Lyricist Lounge, where the creative get...creative...So lets keep the good writes comin. Oh, and please check out the new sticky (if you dare).
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Hahaha replied on 03-12-2005 12:32PM [Reply]
hmmm imma put out a rap soon...(tasia)
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fro from Little Rock, AR replied on 07-02-2005 12:56PM [Reply]

I would like to know if you're still liking for poets. I would love to be apart of your vision. This is the shortest poem I have. Royalty Like ice... under your hands I melt The passion between us... Right when I'm about to dehydrate, you cause me to get wet... rehydrating my will to go on You never speak those words... but your actions are loud and clear Clearly our vibes are making their own beat You tell me, I'm the Queen of your dreams... Well you're my King, 'cause every night you rein supreme I invite you into my temple... and you show all respect Thanking the Gods that you have finally come... to a place you can call home Loni Harshaw
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venom3384 from Main City, CA replied on 01-30-2007 04:44AM [Reply]
See, I’m a get rich and lay out in hammocks Kicking it with girl who have that **** just So nice the pants she buy just stretch So she don’t wear jeans she rock denim spandex To get through all that **** I’ll consult the index And clean my specs like I was using windex I mean, she’s a dream just like an empress But she aint my girl yet so I’m a have to impress The fact of the matter that she got me so pressed That I’m a drop the ball like a full court press But I guess it was worth it just to see that blue dress Now I don’t wanna come off like a nuisance And I heard spitting game to you was useless But I don’t know what else to do girl, I’m clueless So I’m a try this cause my flow is ruthless And I been like you, but I thought you knew this What else should I do girl, I tried to prove this And if you say it’s just your ****, then girl you foolish Cause I like your smile especially when you try to frown And when you pretend that you’re mad everytime I’m around And when I compliment you, you blush and look down And you hyperventilate every time I go… Home By that I mean I've gone to your crib I've seen where you live You've seen how it's been kid And I cant take this whole week without you Man, I'm weak without you What is it about you that Has got me trippin like some young **** kid Some dumb **** kid And, I'm not sayin what I'm sayin is dumb I'm sayin the same thing I said from day 1 If my pockets stacked that fat If I had it like that And could carry the world on my back I would buy the planet Carry it right to your door Place it right on the floor And tell you it's yours Then laugh when you try to tell me to take it all back Like where I'ma put it? And if I could, I wouldnt Sides, I'm not leavin, where else would I go? I would follow you down the street just to see you walk and sneak into your classes just to hear you talk And chase you down the street with my gun in my hand... I'm not saying I would, but I can
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SpiRit07 from Detroit, MI replied on 05-12-2007 01:31AM [Reply]
**** up!!! I'm new to the room but seen you promoting so decided to drop a line and tell you to read an omment on my poem called " A Love Gone Wrong" HIT ME UP... AND LET ME KNOW WHAT'S UP!!!!
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RaVonn from Sactown, CA replied on 07-12-2008 08:09PM [Reply]

Hey. I see yall have a lil thing goin one here and I just wanted to add to it. I'm new and this is my first post but comments/feedback is welcome. (my bad it's a sad one but i was in a mood) Swollen Heart Swollen Eyes Swollen Throat Cant Cry Pounding Chest Pounding Mind Pounding Mind Pounding Chest Back and Forth Creating An Angry Rhythm Anger Consumnes Me Sadness Overwhelms Me No Way to Vent But Through These Lines These Lines That Can Stretch For Eternity Or Can Only Last A Minute These Lines These Lines That Can Be Put To A Background And Have A Melodic Sound These Lines But Only In My Head Unless I Transcribe Or Verbalize But Consumned With Anger Am I Overwhelmed With Sadness Am I A Fist Forms But Never Punches A Water Gathers But Never Falls
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