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Remember or forget Posted on 08-07-2005

Miss. Soulful
Macon, GA
There are those who forget then those who remember...... I never forget but know that I'm one of the few who are meant to remind.... i keep telling you that your just wasting your time although there are those who don't want to come face to face with the truth........ Therefore I speak my mind through the words you read in hopes that they reach your brain in just enough time to save your soul.... I know we don't want to react so soon... we having too much fun, but with every choice we make there is a punishment it may not come now but in the future it will all be brought down on your head I'm not quite sure you've heard what i've said.... You see i'll never shut my mouth untill the words have been heard by every person who has the ability to hear.... And to those who can't.... well i know how to sign so they can understand I will continue to stand.... for those who can't, for those who wont, for those who just dont know what to stand for Not for freedom, cause we can't handle it,not for peace cause we can't stand it But for a life that I know is coming, a life you feel crawling on the back of your neck a night The one thing you try to get away from while you silently wish it would come here faster. You may be wondering what i'm talking about but i wont tell you, cause you already know, i wont be the one to voice your fears to make you shed your tears I'll just do what i was blessed to do, and you... well you just make up you mind to forget what i wrote or to forget what it meant or to remember and tell someone....
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