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On My Knees Posted on 08-29-2005

i thght i knew i thght i knew u i thght i knew who u were n wut we were 2 go thru i thght dat i wuz tha left n u were my rite shu i thght dat thingz wud get betta az time flew i thght dat 4 eva we wud be stuck n bound 2 getha like glue i thght dat u wud care bout yer baby boi n side me az he slowly grew i thght i knew 4 sho datchu wud be tha man 2 hold a sista down n make me smile n stead of frown i thght i cud model 4 u n my weddn gown n watch yer mouth hit tha ground sayn dat my size wuz perfect n dat i wudnt have 2 luze a pound i thght dat we were meant 2 be 2getha i thght dat we wud alwaze be n tha best of weather i thght dat yer body wud continue 2 give me tha best of pleasure luvn u like u wud set me afire n my soul free i thght i cud have u 2 myself...just me...me...me i thght i wud neva have 2 share yer soul w/the ole' "G" i thght dat "God" (Allah) of all ppl cud c dat i wuna be selfish 2 a certain degree i thght dat u n i wud live 2getha 4 eva i thght dat we wud grow old n die 2getha i thght dat 2 be witchu i cud unda go n e indeva i thght dat 4 u i wud i decide 2 live bc **** aint very cleva i thght dat i cud pick up n move on i thght dat i cud pick up n go i thght dat maybe if i waited a little longer u wud walk back thru dat doe i thght dat takn u away from me wuz low i thght dat maybe i aint suffern it wuz just yer time 2 go i kno dat where eva u r u r a ladiez man n dat u r stilln tha show but u have a lady n u wud let em kno i kno dat my bitterness anger n sadness 4 me n my baby due haz 2 go i kno dat cryn n stressn ova u will make me sick i kno dat i cud only c me wit u n not on no otha manz.... i kno u wunt me 2 str8n up i kno dat u n ole "G" give me tha strength 2 be a strong blaque woman n be tuff i kno... i kno... i kno dat it wuz yer tyme baby i promise u i do baby but i dont undastand y u had 2 leave me n put me thru wut im goin thru baby i aint got no muny im struggln wit jobz n college baby u wuz gettn me thru tha day from u i wuz learnin street knowledge baby plz **** back 2 me life witout u just dont seem fair i dont care how u do it baby i dont care i miss u n tha lyftyme we wuz spozed 2 share how cud u be so slefish God n take him how cud u leave me here baby when we ride we dont ride alone i swear that wuz tha fone but it wuznt u just a dial tone baby just make me undastand y i gotta suffa n stead of sum otha chic who aint deserve her luva baby sun kissed lipz son of tha evenin son plz... baby plz...answer me...answer me plz...baby im on my kneez n all im askn 4 iz 4 u 2 answer me
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