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Spoken Word-Spirit Posted on 09-16-2005
Main City, CA
Spirit Spirit is what makes a school, a sport, mascot, team It drives us in our American dream Itís behind trying to fail Failing to try Wondering why you had to keep try-ing It keeps us singing, laughing, praying, saying Itís what keeps our grace so Amazing It moves through pens, paint, stone, and clay Infiltrate contaminating Art life animating Life art imitating From life insulating I like saying Iím Dominican, Puerto Rican, maybe Cubano Pero en mi casa espanol no es mi lengua hablado Half the time Iím Ethiopian, Nigerian, from the mother land But sometimes itís hard to understand When you ask someone what they are itís not asking where their people are from Spirit sometimes comes from deeper than your blood Hi, Iím an 18 year old male who likes to take long walks on the beach Miles and miles beyond my nearsighted reach So I use my pen to check myself To commemorate the past Pin down ideas too slippery to grasp I define myself and you to Because through me I define you So that must be what spirit is A definition or a cause It defies such things as genetics or universal laws Spirit is what makes me, me It makes you, you It makes Cardinal red and all those bears blue I have spirit yes I do I have spirit, how bout you?
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replied on 09-18-2005 08:19PM [Reply]
you have spirit, yes you do but to me school spirit is more of a task to show my true colors past those on the color scheme to yell: go team go is rarely heard by me school spirit is overrated go team go only until you move on my mascot sure i do respect but where is the mascot of the spirit of love? of happiness? of memories? i hope i find those mascots and it is true that i am defined through you but how about those prejudices, the media am i not defined through you with twists from the twisted world we live in today?
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replied on 11-26-2005 08:25PM [Reply]
venom3384 wrote:
you have spirit, yes you do
But i just can't understand it...
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venom3384 from Main City, CA replied on 12-09-2005 01:04AM [Reply]
What do you mean?
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