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flawson season Posted on 09-21-2005

st.petersburg, FL
i notice this females be flawson on there phone,i got a 8 o clock class,why is it when i am workin to my class all these females talking on there phone this early.then i sit here and watch sum of these **** flaws to.they got the phone to there mouth and there mouth dont even move but as soon as some one sees them then they try to talk.why flawz?i caught a female the other day talkin to her phone but why did that that **** started ringing? tell m whats up with that?
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replied on 09-21-2005 12:12PM [Reply]
That's funny!!! I've actually done it before, howeveri t's when I walk into some place or walking late at night. When it's into someplace unfamiliar I do it to feel comfortable. At night it's to keep people away from me. Like if you walk up to me she's onthe phone some one would hear. However 99% of the time I will call someone and let them know whatI'm doing. My cousins laugh but hey it works. Perfect example if I meeting my girlfirend at the club and I arrive first I fake the phone thing so males won't approach me so easily, however as soon as my girlfriends arrive that phone is gone. That's my reason.
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mobrida from st.petersburg, FL replied on 09-21-2005 12:58PM [Reply]

but i am saying though,why flaws,it aint all that serious,its like people act like they on the phone just to get notice.
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baby_diva_04 replied on 09-21-2005 03:53PM [Reply]
wtf is 'flaws'? Do you mean floss? Like somebody's flossin in their new car.
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~ADANNA~ replied on 09-21-2005 04:14PM [Reply]
people floss to show off....
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replied on 09-21-2005 04:21PM [Reply]
I don't care about being notice. I use it not to be bothered. Now if I'm walking across campus do I need my phone no. It's on vibrate anyway day time minutes kicking in... I use it when I go to places I don't know and I'm the only one there. It's my comfort zone. Really don't care what people think anyway. M
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2muchWillRanAwayfromHome! from Atlanta, GA replied on 09-22-2005 12:23AM [Reply]

You'll be suprised some of the loudest people are the ones who don't even have it like its seems talkin loud on the phones and are just talkin to their moms, family members and are just tryin to be heard most of us in GA call it flexin **** at my school do it alot but I have not caught anyone talking on the phone and it rung thats wild!!!!!!! :lol:
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