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Beauty of a Dancing Flame Posted on 05-14-2004
Texas City, TX
I have this complicated confusion, a fusion of brain contusions All perplexed around these hues and I feel like Im just losin My sanity, humanity, burnt up in flames cant you see Or can you free one to me: son to be. One, two, three Fire born from my soul, Go, consume the earth For in your birth I will show your power; your very worth Spread your virus, goodness, get rid of "hood-rich" Give hope to homeless and hungry, for they have not understood rich Make peace on Earth - teach your children the same You are the rest of this Phoenix, and in you is my flame I'll burn out before I ever see you fall in love Just know, at night, when you see the stars above That the moon has my smile and the stars have my dreams Dont you see, when I die you arent a prince, youre the king The beauty of a dancing flame isnt in its power or luck But that no matter how you turn it, it must burn Up.
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replied on 05-14-2004 05:30PM [Reply]
That was tight. I really liked you usage of words. (but hey thats a given)
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