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The Halloween Thread: It's Halloween Time... Posted on 10-17-2005
College Mom

So, as I dust of Michael Jackson's Thriller album (yup, I got records) and as I finish decorating the inside and outside of the house...I thought I would ask ya'll what your Halloween 2005 was looking like? What is your costume? Where will you party at ?(yes, that is a bad sentence) Are you giving out candy...what kind? Provide your favorite Halloween story, memory or whatever... ************************************************************* I'll go first! This year I am going to be that bear on the Kanye West album. I am throwin a party next Saturday night for about 150 people. My hubby and I do that nearly every year. We were at an HBCU Homecoming last year so we did not. We plan to give out bubble gum, twizzlers, bottle caps and some other stuff... I have TOO many favorite Halloween's to name right now. Your turn...
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replied on 10-31-2005 01:20PM [Reply]
8) The Party was off-the-chain!!!! No police this year. Usually my white, not-invited, jealous neighbors call the po-lice about the noise, music and cars blocking whatever... Lots of Patrone consumed...red wine...food, laughs and fun. Our DJ was on point. She works for 106 radio...my baby girl gave up a night of makin mad cash to do my party. Love her... Nuthin got broke or stole...my ghetto-fringe neice was barred from my house for rippin off my guest at one of my other parties...she volunteered for coat and purse check...mistake on my part. No fights or arguments...I invited lots of divorcee's, singles and limited the number of arguin **** couples...good move! Oh, not tooo many tag-alongs either. My costume was hot as hell so I walked around without the head piece most of the party...hard to drink through that thing too... Hope ya'll have a great and a safe Halloween. Thriller!!!!!!
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