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The Introduction Posted on 01-15-2006

Miss. Soulful
Macon, GA
I am constantly being punished for the right and the wrong that I do My happiness does not come as any expense to anyone but myself Yet whenever I turn around, this curse that one might call a gift plauges me day in and out. Time and again I've tried to give back this gift/ curse only to bestow more evil upon my head. I curse the day mere human eyes could decieve what tresure the spirit itself holds maybe one day we can look past our own selfish desires and start to fulfil that one purpose the life long journey which has taken centuries to realize and centuries to figure out and were still waitng on te one spark that will cause an end to this system of things Yet we all just wonder will we be ready? Of course not, everyone is livivng on day at a time not wanting to have faith with works yet wanting a reward for all the faith that they have. Faith with which lies only in their mind, only to which they feel time is availaible for these things only appear when you read them as I think them, or are they really my thoughts?could they be another being trying to reach as many as possible, to save as many as possible? this gift/curse plauges me day in and out, giving me peace in my dreams, then the wages of my sins come to haunt me from time to time so I sleep in fear of remembering what shall occur to me. i'm not just another soul with which his spiit has breath into, I am another teacher to which whose who want to learn shall find me and others and the truth that we speak I claim no religion, no loyalty to one group I believe in answers to all things, I believe in the truth, to which few have decided to search for. and yet here you are still reading thirsty for the knwledge you know is out there the knowledge only I and those like me can give you this is not my story, this is not my book this is just our future end of introduction
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