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Sew in hair problem Posted on 05-28-2006

Well, I've been wearing a sew in for quite some time now. Because of it, I haven't had a touch up in a while, but being that my hair is thin, I technically don't need one. My hair dresser who I started going to a month ago wanted me to just stick with the sew in for a while because my previous hair dresser had a weird techinique with sew-ins and touch ups that made my hair break off. So, it's been a while and when I saw her a few days ago, she said that she wants to give my whole head a touch up and then give me a pony tail to give my hair a break from the sew-ins because it wouldn't be worth it to get a touch up, and then braid the hair again immediately afterwards for a sew-in, and then in two weeks we could do the sew-in again. The thing is that, I don't want a pony tail, but I do need a touch up. I'm so used to the sew-in. It's not long at all, but I like them because they make my hair fuller because it's so thin. Any suggestions??
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