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El-Veta  Oakman El-Veta Oakman
Morgan State University
Class of 2027
Genesis Ivey Genesis Ivey
Fort Valley State University
Political Science
Class of 2024
Zumara Woodson Zumara Woodson
North Carolina Central University
Class of 2027
Chad Vines-Clarke Chad Vines-Clarke
Howard University
Class of 2018
Lula  Gabriel Lula Gabriel
Prairie View A&M University
Class of 1991
Jayden Jamison Jayden Jamison
Central State University
Class of 2028
Kenneth Washington Kenneth Washington
Central State University
Sport and Leisure Studies
Class of 2028
Arnold Westbrook Arnold Westbrook
Morehouse College
Business Administration
Class of 1994
Dion Sampson Dion Sampson
Central State University
Business Administration
Class of 2028
Savannah Grubb Savannah Grubb
Fayetteville State University
Class of 2027
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