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Moriah Owens Moriah Owens
Indiana Univ of Penn
Class of 2027
Charles Gates Charles Gates
Langston University
Class of 2023
Markesha Parker Markesha Parker
Eastern Illinois Univ
Elementary Education
Class of 2003
Frank  Kelley Frank Kelley
Grambling State University
Class of 1985
Sherrie  Lucas Sherrie Lucas
Virginia State University
Class of 2022
Willard Barnett Willard Barnett
Shorter College
Business Administration
Class of 2006
Hafsah Kashmiri Hafsah Kashmiri
Delaware State University
Computer and Information Science
Class of 2027
Zipporah Bright Zipporah Bright
Morgan State University
Computer and Information Science
Class of 2021
Kim Borel Kim Borel
Norfolk State University
Class of 2026
Chelsea Tyus Chelsea Tyus
Alabama A&M University
Food Science
Class of 2009
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