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Q&A With Derrick Bell

What is your favorite thing about college?
"The people you meet and knowing you going to walk across that stage!"

Interviewed by Lasheka Ivey 05/02/10

Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"What's up?"

Interviewed by Chris Hemphill 03/18/10

Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"Rep that CIAA!"

Interviewed by Sharla Brown 03/17/10

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
"Somewhere being a prominent social worker!"

Interviewed by Courtney Slaughter 12/29/09

What animal are you mostly like and why?
"Tiger, because they claw and stratch for everything they get!"

Interviewed by Danielle Turner 12/04/09

what are your goals in life?
"To be a social worker!"

Interviewed by Kaija Queen 11/07/09

Is the glass half empty or half full?
"Half Full"

Interviewed by M. Pradia 09/25/09

What historically black college/university are you planning on attending?
"I attended FSU! What black college/university are you planning on attending?"

Interviewed by JoAnna Hyler 09/10/09

What is major and why did you choose it?
"My major was Sociology and I chose it because I love dealing with the behaviors of everyday people!"

Interviewed by Ry'Keill Gibbs 09/10/09

What are you interested in?
"Social Work!"

Interviewed by Maurice Green 09/07/09

What are your current intrests or aspirations?
"To be a social worker!"

Interviewed by t britt 09/06/09

Do you see yourself as a loyal person??

Interviewed by Ieshia Robertson 08/26/09

hmm...tell me something extremely random.
"Describe extremely random!"

Interviewed by Tehran Tyson 08/26/09

What do you like to do for pleasure
"Basketball, Movies! "

Interviewed by lenette armstrong 08/25/09

whats your major?
"It was Sociology!"

Interviewed by savasia mangual 08/20/09

If I have parsely in my teeth would you a)try not to look at it and keep talking to me or b) tell me it
"B. I would tell you and get you the toothpick!"

Interviewed by Crystal Evans 08/18/09

What motivates you to push harder for sucess..
"God and just wanting more!"

Interviewed by Aleandria Woods 08/17/09

What is your plans for the next five years?
"To be a social worker!"

Interviewed by Zy'Annah Lopez 08/16/09

how do u treat ur friends?
"Just like their family!"

Interviewed by lanay turner 08/14/09

What are some hobbies you are interested in.
"Basketball and Bowling"

Interviewed by Tamaree Austin 08/11/09

What is your favorite color???
"Powder Blue and Bronco Blue!"

Interviewed by Jamaica Harrell 08/11/09

What would you like to know about me?
"What's your best feature? What makes you your best?"

Interviewed by Capricia Crennell 08/11/09

What is your BEST quality??

Interviewed by Brittany Simmons 08/11/09

How did you here about this website?
"I just typed it in!"

Interviewed by Kateria Patterson 08/11/09

What advice can you share with me about your college experience?
"The best advice I can give is make sure your priorities are lined up in the right order!"

Interviewed by D M 08/09/09

what was your inspiration to go into that field of study?
"I wanted to learn more about the behaviors of people!"

Interviewed by Brittany Wright 08/07/09

how do you feel about our economic situations and can you predict whats going to happen in 10yrs with our economy?
"I feel its basically the same way its been in the last 8 plus years; its just more crooks than ever in those higher echelon positions! Next 10yrs I predict gas prices are gonna be .65 cents at the pumps and more jobs are going to stay in the U.S.! "

Interviewed by Kiersten Mobley 08/07/09

What is your middle name?

Interviewed by Whitnee Pygatt 08/07/09

What are your expectations?
"To be a social worker!"

Interviewed by Dexter Days 08/07/09

If your bestfriends mate was cheating - do you feel that its your place to tell them (your best friend) ?

Interviewed by Tanya TANK Rogers 08/06/09

Where are you from?
"Faison, NC"

Interviewed by Beverly Mann 08/04/09

What is your major and why?
"Sociology because its fascinating to deal with the behaviors of everyday life!"

Interviewed by Katrina Faison 08/04/09

Whats your favorite color?
"Powder Blue and Bronco Blue!"

Interviewed by Kay Jelks 08/04/09

"What is your philosophy of life?"
"Work Hard and be your best in everything!"

Interviewed by Portia Spratley 07/23/09

"That I love God and I give my absolute best!"

Interviewed by Tabitha Gage 07/23/09

What is your motivation?
"God is my motivation!"

Interviewed by Christie Mack 07/23/09

What are ones goals and life.
"To be a prominent social worker!"

Interviewed by Maddie B 07/23/09

What are your long term goals after college?
"To be a prominent social worker!"

Interviewed by Shawnie Moore 07/23/09

What do you plan to accomplish in the next 5 years?
"To be a prominent social worker!"

Interviewed by Shayla Nelson 07/23/09

How has your HBCU experince been?

Interviewed by Erica Bassett 07/23/09

What are your goals in life?
"To be a prominent social worker!"

Interviewed by Christina Carter 07/22/09

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
"A prominent social worker!"

Interviewed by Diondra Woodert 07/21/09

Are you a lion, Tiger, or Bear?
"Tiger! Quick-like reflexes!"

Interviewed by Gregory Eatmon 07/20/09

What is a good friend?
"A person who is loyal and honest and straight with you!"

Interviewed by Tiffany Scott 07/20/09

What school you attend?

Interviewed by Shaquala Henley 07/20/09

What type of employee would you consider yourself to be?
"Im a hard working one!"

Interviewed by Maria Cash 07/19/09


Interviewed by Lauren Outlaw 07/19/09

What are some future goals that you have for yourself?
"To be a social worker!"

Interviewed by Leondra Howard 07/19/09

How do you define friendship? What is a real friend?
"I define friendship by loyalty and honesty! A real friend is someone who cares and supports and encourages you!"

Interviewed by Classie Kinsey 07/19/09

Does High School Prepares You For Life & University?
"Oh Yeah!"

Interviewed by Giselle Chatrie 07/19/09

Is being at an HBCU good for education and fun

Interviewed by Jazzmine Jefferson 07/09/09

What does Success mean to you?
"Prospering by doing the best you can each day!"

Interviewed by dominque Arrington 07/07/09

Have you found your purpose in life?
"Yes! To be a social worker!"

Interviewed by Trina Johnson-Fleet 07/03/09

Do you like to go to black college football classics?
"Yeah! If I ever got the chance to!"

Interviewed by gwen jackson 06/13/09

What is the best college to apply to?
"Fayetteville State University!"

Interviewed by carolyn hamilton 06/10/09

What is your passion?
"To be a social worker!"

Interviewed by Shae Thomas 06/09/09

what made u chose a hbcu rather then a regular college
"The unique history of Fayetteville State University!"

Interviewed by keenan durr 06/09/09

What is your favorite sports moment?
"Anything with MJ in it! UNC winning the National Championship!"

Interviewed by Eboney Brown 06/09/09

"The love you have in your heart!"

Interviewed by Nila Edwards 06/06/09

What could you do for me?
"What I could do for you is be nice to you!"

Interviewed by Tiffany Wright 06/03/09

What are your hobbies and interest?..what college do you attend?..What level of college are you?
"My hobbies are basketball and interests are social work and movies and things! I attended Fayetteville State University I graduated in December 2008!"

Interviewed by Victoria Valentine 05/31/09

What are your goals and aspirations in life, and how do you plan to obtain them?
"To be a prominent social worker! I plan to obtain it by keep applying!"

Interviewed by Trenice Wade 05/26/09

What makes you happy?
"The Lord! Christian People Good Surroundings!"

Interviewed by Candice Johnson 05/26/09

What do you want out of life?
"To be blessed with a beautiful christian woman, beautiful children and be a dominant social worker! "

Interviewed by Jehan Bunch 05/19/09

In one word how would you describe yourself?

Interviewed by sherell bienaime 05/19/09

Do you believe that honesty is the best policy ?

Interviewed by Shirdana Jordan 04/05/09

What is a wonderful part of your personality?

Interviewed by Kemba Cofield 04/05/09

If U had a choice to do your best or beat the rest, what would it be?
"Do my best!"

Interviewed by Joan E. Gosier 04/03/09

What do you aspire to be?
"A social worker!"

Interviewed by Rachyl Wright 03/27/09

What positive experiences can you get out of this unstable economy?
"To keep your morals and values from past years and just work hard and do your best! The economy has been bad way before now it's just people are focusing on it way too much!"

Interviewed by April Thornton 03/19/09

What aspired you to follow your dreams?
"$5.15. And the knowing that I can be the best I can be in life because God has a purpose for my life!"

Interviewed by KESHAWNAN JOHNSON 03/12/09

How would you describe yourself?
"Funloving, godly, smart"

Interviewed by Monique Robinson 03/11/09

What is your greatest fear?
"Snakes and not making it"

Interviewed by Salamat Abolarin 03/11/09

What do you bing to the table? Are you being true to yourself?
"Hard Work! I am being my true self!"

Interviewed by Courtney Wilkerson 03/11/09

What do you think about Psychology?
"It's not bad!"

Interviewed by Ronda Collins 03/07/09

During your generation: Who do you consider to be an inspiration and why? Tell me about a significant even that happened during this time and what ef
"My inspiration is my church family! A significant event that happened during my time was Ronald McNair and the eight other people going up in the space shuttle it was a experience like no other!"

Interviewed by Cheryl Hendrix 03/07/09

Where are you from.
"Faison, NC!"

Interviewed by Dominique Rolle 03/04/09

If you could describe yourself as a shape, what would it be and why?
"A Circle because I am flexible!"

Interviewed by Vanessa Milton 03/02/09

Why do you attend an HBCU college
"Because of the great history involved with the institution!"

Interviewed by Tranita Excellent 02/27/09

So tell me about yourself
"I love the Lord I'm a calm laid-back person who believes in being loyal, honest, and trustworthy. Also, I'm a hard worker who always is going to go that extra mile. One more thing I love to have fun! "

Interviewed by Taja Henson 02/25/09

how ya doin?
"I'm doing pretty good!"

Interviewed by Jasmine Corral 02/25/09

"Going was totally my idea!"

Interviewed by Shannon James 02/23/09

What is the biggest thing you fear in life?
"Snakes and being a loser in life!"

Interviewed by Tiara Warren 02/23/09

So, what is the first thing that you notice about a person of the opposite sex when you first meet them?
"What I first notice about a woman when I meet her is her smile and yes her overall beauty you cannot miss either one of those!"

Interviewed by Angelica Gathings 02/23/09

Can you ride a unicycle better than me?
"Absolutely Not!"

Interviewed by Christina Burton 02/23/09

What r ur interests?
"Social Work!"

Interviewed by Kenishia Gibson 02/23/09

Are you someone unique and real to be in friendly relationship with?
"I believe so!"

Interviewed by Tomika Jordan 02/23/09

What is your major? Where are you from?
"My major was Sociology! I'm from Faison, NC! "

Interviewed by Carmen Ivy 02/23/09

What are some ways that i can be successful in getting into a HBCU?
"First Apply! Keep yourself clean that means stay away from trouble! Always keep your grades up and get into some good activities! FSU one of the best HBCU'S!"

Interviewed by Shatiah Royal 02/22/09

What is the one unique quality you want people to recognize about you??

Interviewed by Jannay Johnson 02/19/09

What school do you go to?
"I graduated from Fayetteville State University!"

Interviewed by Ian Griffin 02/19/09

On a scale of 1 to 10(highest) how would you rate your spirituality?
"I say 10 with improvement everyday; but for general speaking I say 8 improving everyday! "

Interviewed by Natasha Smith 02/18/09

Obama or McCain?

Interviewed by Monique Moore 02/10/09

What are you looking for?
"Im looking for a great job in social work and im looking for a beautiful christian woman and oneday a beautiful family!"

Interviewed by Alicia Dockett 02/23/09

"By the time you spend together and things you do together. Also, its the support and honesty you give to one another!"

Interviewed by Amy Williams 02/10/09

What do you do in your spare time?
"Play basketball watch movies telephone "

Interviewed by Maeriel Smith 02/10/09

How is attending a hbcu campus like?
"It's a wonderful experience the best!"

Interviewed by alexus mozell 02/07/09

Do you love Jesus?
"With all my heart"

Interviewed by DeltaLady InallEloquence 02/06/09

what do you value in life
"God and my friends"

Interviewed by melissa Sinclair 02/04/09

Do u take friendship seriously?

Interviewed by india dixon 02/03/09

What is the last book you read?
"A book by E. Franklin Frazier"

Interviewed by Tasha Sanders 02/03/09

Where are you from and what made you go to the college you attend now?
"I'm from Faison, NC and what made me go to Fayetteville State University was unique history and the family environment!"

Interviewed by Cassie Martin 02/03/09

which HBCU should I attend...Spelman, Clark Atlanta, South Carolina State,or Alabama A & M???
"Neither, Fayetteville State University! Bronco Pride Baby!"

Interviewed by Trimeloni Frazier 02/02/09

Do you believe in fate?
"Yeah because its God that brings you that special person to you I mean God turns you to them and in other things to"

Interviewed by Chantal Jones 02/02/09

What's your best characteristic?

Interviewed by Trenee Burrage 02/02/09

Are you single?
"Yes! "

Interviewed by Tiffany Richardson 02/02/09

What are your goals in life?
"To be a social worker"

Interviewed by Courtney Brown 02/02/09

What made you want to attend an HBCU?
"The History of FSU"

Interviewed by Nicole Davis 02/02/09

what make you who you are

Interviewed by Tyrone Jones 01/31/09

How many years have you longest friendship lasted?
"My longest friendship has lasted 7 strong years we're still friends not that close anymore. I have two other friends one relationship has lasted for 3 yrs the other friendship has lasted for over 2 and a half years I love my friends I care about them"

Interviewed by Nykea Gardner 01/31/09

Where does Jesus stand in your life?
"Number 1! I'm a graduate of Fayetteville State University I know he's number 1 because I wouldn't of obtained that goal that was dear to my heart if it was not for Jesus and other stuff to I just mentioned that one"

Interviewed by christina mitchell 01/30/09

If your job gave one year sabbaticals what would you do?
"I would probably go just to experience it just to add something new to my life."

Interviewed by Chasity Kirk 01/30/09

How close is your relationship with God
"I believe my relationship with God is very close! "

Interviewed by Tanika Cook 01/30/09

Are you going to the black college expo
"Maybe not! But I do want to go to the CIAA Tournament"

Interviewed by Nannette Mensah 01/30/09

"January 20, 2009 meant a day of new beginning"

Interviewed by Lisa McClendon 01/30/09

What is your opinion on religion?
"My thing is its important but devotion is the thing because that tells or shows whether you really love God"

Interviewed by Martina Carroll 01/30/09

Are you an outgoing person

Interviewed by Ashley-Lyne Vandenburg 01/30/09

If you had to pick one quote to live by....what would it be?
"Probably, To know where you going you first must know how far you've come "

Interviewed by Shauntrel Deloney 01/30/09

Whats your major?
"It was sociology"

Interviewed by Tamarah Freeman 01/30/09

Whats your reason for joining HBCU and choosing the college you chose?
"My reason for joining was to meet other HBCU students and alumni and my reason for going to Fayetteville State University is I love the history of the University and the family atmosphere"

Interviewed by J'Sahnvi Walker 01/30/09

What do you like most about yourself?
"My smile and my attitude"

Interviewed by Dana Lawrence 01/30/09

Why Do U Wanna Add me or Get to know me??
"I want to add you because it's a way of just meeting prominent HBCU students or alumni! Also, you look like a really nice person to get to know!"

Interviewed by Domonique DuBose 01/30/09

What has ur best interest?
"What has best interest is God and going forth to be a social worker"

Interviewed by Tomasina Morgan-Moore 01/30/09

(interview me)
Derrick Bell
Cook, Wendy

Location: Faison, NC United States
Birthday: Jul 12th
Joined: Jan 29th, 2009
About   (request update)
What makes me special is I am a hard worker and I am dedicated to being the best in everything I do; also what makes me special is never giving up always sticking it out to the end. I'm blessed by the Lord himself that he allowed me to perserve and keep going in my efforts to be at FSU and ultimately graduating from FSU. I'm very appreciative to have two really good friends in my life: Danielle Ross and Tamikka Portee. I am going to be a very talented social worker my passion is for helping children and the elderly. If any woman wants to know no I am not married; nor dating anyone at all! I am an avid North Carolina fan go Heels!!!!!!!!!
My Interview Question
What is to you the best way to meet someone?
Current Whereabouts:
I'm currently into finding a job that's social work related
Life & Professional Aspirations:
My life aspirations is to be a social worker impacting children and elderlies lives
Education   (request update)
Fayetteville State University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Sociology
Claim To Fame:
I graduated from Fayetteville State University
Most Memorable Moment:
I was on the Chancellor's List
High School: Hobbton in Newton Grove, NC class of 1997
Activities & Accomplishments:
I was on the honor roll
Best Memories:
I graduated
I currently work with Wendy as Cook
I have 0 years of experience working in the Other industry.
My Groups
Invite Me To A Group
Guestbook Comments
Hello it is my pleasure to communicate with you if you will have interest in me to know each other for relationship and will be glad if you write to me via email so that i can send you my picture( ) thanks from Angel, angelsunny42 at
Tagged by ange sunny on 03/11/2012  
Hello; How are you? hope fine.Iam a lady Vivian odo, by name,i came across your profile today on ( really interest me. please here is my Email address( pls contac me,so that i can send you my photos and explain more about myself Have a nice day Vivian
Tagged by vivian odo on 07/16/2011  
Hi Derrick. Thanx for taking the time to answer my interview question. Luv your answer: Spoken like a true Social Worker!!!!
Tagged by M. Pradia on 09/25/2009  
thanks i try to stay flY...LOL
Tagged by Ry'Keill Gibbs on 09/11/2009  
Tagged by Kiersten Mobley on 08/10/2009  
Oh yea I gotta rep. that CIAA
Tagged by Whitnee Pygatt on 08/07/2009  
You're welcome
Tagged by Kay Jelks on 08/05/2009  
Thank you for the b-day wish!
Tagged by Tabitha Gage on 07/24/2009  
Oh yeah good to she another Fayetteville State Alumni. I graduated in 2001
Tagged by Alitra Brown on 07/18/2009  
Hey thanks for stopping by and the B-Day wishes. May God Bless you and give you all the desires of your heart Litra
Tagged by Alitra Brown on 07/18/2009  
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