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ebony martin
Location: cincinnati, OH United States
Birthday: Apr 8th
Joined: Jan 31st, 2009
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Ebony Martin
January 16, 2009
Essay about me

Hello my name is Ebony martin. I am 17 years old and I am a senior in high school. A little about me I like to draw, I also love to play basketball, and last but not least I love to surf the web and fix on computers. I believe that you have to believe in yourself before someone else can believe in you. This is what I call a stepping out on faith, so I can achieve my goal(s) in life.
Why do I like to draw? It gives me peace, and it sometimes it gives me joy. When I draw its like I am in another world separate from every one else. I drew a picture when I was younger in art class I don’t have it anymore because my art teacher said someone wanted to buy it. It was a mural of Martin L. king Jr. The mural sold for 78 dollars I believe.
Basketball is my favorite sport. I played it all the way up till 10th grade because at the school I go to you have to pay money to play. I learned how to play basketball when I was bout 9 years old and I have been playing since then. I use to always play with the guys. They would say, “ This is a guy sport go play with the girls”. That would not stop me. I played even though sometimes I would get bloody.
Finally, surfing the web is how I found this college and info about your college. Surfing the web can be bad and sometimes it can be good also. I usually get on myspace several times a day if im not at school and urbanchat. This is how I meet new people. My 10th grade year I went to Xavier and I have a certificate in computer science, which I do not know what to do with. We learned how to take computers apart, how to relate to pixels and other programs for our everyday lives.
So now you know who I am. I hope you accepted me to your college, now I am taking a step of faith to believe I will get accepted in to your college.
My Interview Question
if my finicial situation is bad how do i go about paying for fees for college and cousler at school is doing to many roles
Current Whereabouts:
chillin at library
Life & Professional Aspirations:
beyonce,barak obama, michelle obama,my mom, sister , and nephew
Education   (request update)
High School: nia university community school in cincinnati, OH class of 2009
Activities & Accomplishments:
basketball,volleyball,cirtifercate in computer science
Best Memories:
when me and my friend mister left school; came back and everyone was gone guess what looking for us leateraly
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