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Jesse Andrews
Location: Atlanta, GA United States
Birthday: Mar 2nd
Joined: Mar 3rd, 2009
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It was the powerful saying by a Pastor in Fresno, California who sparked my attention into the medical field and gave me the hope and determination to pursue my medical career. Pastor Joe Woods said to the large congregation, ď The Cause is greater than the Cost!Ē That empowered the congregation to build a 5 million dollar edifice that sits as the gateway to the West Fresno community. I have chosen to be the best servant I can be and I enjoy helping people. In order to be the best at anything I have learned to look passed the cost and examine the cause for which I act on. The cause to help a sick person become well or even give them the encouraging words is far more greater than any other field of work with people.
I have always had an interest in science because the world revolves around the processes that control it. The intricate nature of the world is something that has fascinated me from my youth. I enjoy helping people and making life better for them the best way I know how. Thatís the reason why I chose to be a physician, because it was the one on one contact with the patients that make a difference. Allowing them to live a vibrant, healthier, and longer life. Thatís a joy and a privilege like no other.
Being very optimistic and not giving up easily is what gives me the drive to help people of every walk of life. That is why I started a magazine called The kNOw to give young people a voice and stuck with it till I had to go to college. I was apart of a dozen boards to help promote the well being of the communities in California. Graduated from High school and took two years in C.H. Mason Biblical Seminary earning my A.A. degree while in school. In the face of opposition, itís the things that people say can not be done that pushes me to change the status quo. I have been independently supporting myself in my education. I had to break the generational curses that had plagued my family such as alcoholism, jail bound male hood, drug abuse.
In the future I hope to make a great impact to people around the world, being there to relive pain when Kartrinas or earthquakes that destroyed Haiti overpowers any people. To travel around the globe saving lives and restoring hope through the art of medicine. Doing what I love to do and will enjoy foe years to come. Iím glad that America was the stepping stone for which this dream was possible. Being a light beacon to young African-American men who live in undeserved communities.
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What is an African American Male's domestic & global responsibility?
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M.D. Ph.D
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Morehouse College class of 2013
Undergrad Major: Biology
High School: Edison High School in Fresno, CA class of 2009
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