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Portia Gunn
Location: Roselle, NJ United States
Birthday: Apr 27th
Joined: May 25th, 2005
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Right now I'm in Jerzee ... bout 2 go 2 ATL in August ... I'll be stayin in Holmes Hall on the wonderful campus of CAU
Education   (request update)
Clark Atlanta University class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Mass Media Arts
Claim To Fame:
To graduate from the wonderful CAU and take all that I've gained and do wonders lol
Most Memorable Moment:
Haven't experienced it yet! But I'll keep you updated. 1 Memorable moment was freshman orientation July 13-15 ... Me and sum girls that had stayed up till bout 3:30 am talkin bout any and everything knowin we had to meet wit our peer groups by 6:30 ... So we all just stayed up .. Shout out 2 yall ... Yall kno who yall R .... Oh yea and that oarty they thru 4 us ... It was crazy.. Can't wait till I get there in August 4 many more memories
High School: Abraham Clark High School in , class of 2005
Activities & Accomplishments:
My Cheerleading team won 2nd place in the Central All Stars Competition and 3rd place in the Mountain Valley Conference Competition. Another accomplishment for me was that I recieved an award for Most
Best Memories:
A memorable event was when we had a pep ralley and at the time I was the only sophmore cheerleader and I had to got by myself and do my thing and that was the 1 st time I went down into my split. Another time was when I got a trophy for most improved my s
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Guestbook Comments
Just wanted to stop by and show you some JSU Luv. Have a wonderful week. Get back with me...
Tagged by bob Brown on 06/25/2007  
i like ya pic sweetie. just showing u some cu luv
Tagged by David Swinson on 10/05/2005  
Tagged by colbi johnson on 09/07/2005  
i just checked my mail ima hit u up later 2nite
Tagged by Bryan Venable on 09/06/2005  
whats ur little dorm phone #
Tagged by Bryan Venable on 08/30/2005  
im everywhere baby but i stay in new res where u stay
Tagged by Bryan Venable on 08/28/2005  
how u doin miss lady did u make it down here
Tagged by Bryan Venable on 08/27/2005  
Waz good ma. I aint even gonna say nuttin bout you not callin me the other day, but jus get at me lata
Tagged by Brandon Shipman on 08/24/2005  
Just stopped by to show you some CAU love. Keep your head up no matter what. 1
Tagged by Christopher Williams on 08/24/2005  
Hey Make sure u get at me since we both down here now. DAMN THE AUC to amazing especially Olive Branch. lol
Tagged by Eric Johnson on 08/23/2005  
Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Appreciate that. Now it's my turn. Stay lovely.
Tagged by Lance Marshall on 08/15/2005  
thanks for showing me some love ... hope u liek it down there in atl ... lol if not u can always come back to jersey like i do
Tagged by Wesley Wiggins on 07/30/2005  
Hey I gotta get to know sum jerzie heads down there u know so we dont be too home sick. So wats hood. Dis ya boy from the heart of Jerze T-City get at me.
Tagged by Eric Johnson on 07/25/2005  
Hey girl! Whats your aim screen name again?
Tagged by Brittney Sears on 07/25/2005  
Thanks for stoppin' by and showin ' me some CAU love! Hope to see you next month:)
Tagged by Deona Stanford on 07/20/2005  
I will b on tha 2nd floor. u?
Tagged by Ashley Hodge on 07/20/2005  
Hey gurl, wassup. Jus showing sum CAU love. Hope to see ya around? Rep NJ to the fullest. If u need any help jus ask.
Tagged by Sharonda Johnson on 07/19/2005  
Portia! Portia! Thanks for signing my book girl!! As you could tell, that thing was looking skimp. Anyway, you getting ready for school? Only a month away!!!!!
Tagged by Tiffany Smith on 07/19/2005  
C-LARK ATL-ANTA U-UNiversity CAU!!!!
Tagged by Stephani Clark on 07/18/2005  
Hey Portia whats up gurl was orientation not crazy!!! I cant wait till the real fun beings in the fall keep in touch u got my number we need to get ready for them tryout's GO PANTHERS!!!
Tagged by Stephani Clark on 07/18/2005  
thanks 4 the luv hit me up wen u get a chance on AIM @ blackout415
Tagged by B Steel on 07/18/2005  
Tagged by Kiahari Pringle on 07/18/2005  
hey gurl, im stayin in bumstead #276 when school starts come over and say hi!
Tagged by pinky cole on 07/18/2005  
Hey girl, thanxs fer signin my book. ill be in holmes too girl. hit me bacc
Tagged by Ashley Hodge on 07/18/2005  
Hey girl just wanted to say wud up.. did you go to the orientation on 13th-15th? if so what dorm/group were you in?
Tagged by Lynneis Scott on 07/18/2005  
how was the oriantation? Did ya'll have to dress up on the 2nd day?I got oriantation july 27-29. See u in da Fall
Tagged by Erica Bassett on 07/18/2005  
I think i saw u at my orientation were u there 13-15?
Tagged by Marquis Davis on 07/17/2005  
i jus want to say stank u smelly muc, for hittn my book bac again ,wha the bizness be wit cha haven't heart from ya n a while either, hope ya summa is goin good and it is goin to be a trip on da real when u get to cau, muc love
Tagged by Keith Green on 07/17/2005  
Hey whats really hood, juss returing the luv I know u lovin school in the dirty!!Stay up
Tagged by Lanisha Allen on 07/16/2005  
Hey jus showin some Jersey luv, don't be a stranger return the favor. Good luck at college. Don't let no one stop your shine. Holla back
Tagged by Ashley Davis on 07/16/2005  
Just wanted to say whassup from another Jerzee'n!
Tagged by Brittney Sears on 07/14/2005  
Thats what it is den Ma Mad LUv all Day Da JERz makin noise stay up .ATp
Tagged by Jamil Abdullah on 07/14/2005  
showing you luv! keep up the great work !
Tagged by Victoria Vanable on 07/14/2005  
Just showing you some love. Peace.
Tagged by Elliott Lawrence on 07/14/2005  
Thank you for the Jerzee love.....Atlanta has always been a place where I wanted to visit.....keep doing you dizzle at Clark Atlanta and one day you will find that most memorable moment or person
Tagged by Enoch Alexander on 07/13/2005  
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