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Anitra Wilson
Location: Detroit, MI United States
Birthday: Feb 4th
Joined: Apr 13th, 2009
About   (request update)
What makes special , is being a unique individual. I love to have fun and laugh but also have a serious side when it comes to taking care of business. I am the type of person who not only works hard but works harder to prove others wrong. I also feel that I am because I have a gift of giving others advice, it makes me feel good that I have helped someone else. I never give up at anything, no matter how hard or challenging it may seem. I love a challenge and I think that's what makes me who I am!
My Interview Question
What could you do to make yourself a better person? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Current Whereabouts:
I am currently into cheerleading, helping the environment, shopping, reading and having fun going out to places like amusement parks. Also, I love to help others and laugh. I love to dance, roller blade, cook, and eat.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I aspire to graduate with a 4.0 or higher and at the top of my class from my high school.I aspire to go to a wonderful college to develop a successful career as an environmental engineer. As an environmental engineer I aspire to make a difference in our world, helping to preserve it for generations to come.
Education   (request update)
High School: Renaissance Hig School in Detroit, MI class of 2011
Activities & Accomplishments:
Cheerleading, Dance, French, and Band
Best Memories:
Some of my best high school memories are the times when I cheered at all of my school's game and the year when the girls basketball time went all the way to play in the district and regional competitions. Being apart of all the excitement really made it a fun experience. Also, when my school had its official spirit week it was fun to participate and act silly for our days like Spirit Day, Twin Day, Tacky Day, etc. I also enjoyed it when I had dance and band concerts, having an oppurtunity to learn and master new skills was a really enjoyable experience.
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