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gabrielle carter
Location: columbus, OH United States
Birthday: Dec 5th
Joined: Apr 22nd, 2009
About   (request update)
what makes me special is that even though i haven't had the best life my mom still manages to provide everything for me and she never tells me to give up she only pushes me my life i have come to find that i am a very talented artist although my life long goal is to be a doctor...!!
My Interview Question
what really goes on at HBCU's do they have the BEST parties and do the students still get they work done??
Current Whereabouts:
i love to draw, paint, speak spanish, cook, i love to go to the movies, go to the mall, and i love to hang with my friends and talk on the phone 24/7
Life & Professional Aspirations:
...ER Physician...
Education   (request update)
High School: columbus alterantive high school in columbus, OH class of 2010
Activities & Accomplishments:
i am a varsity cheerleader and have been for the past 3 years, i love ART, i was in youth to youth, but i will become more active next year, i attend upward bound at columbus state, i am in delta gems
Best Memories:
meeting my best friends bobby and nakia and making the cheerleading team VARSITY my freshman year..yay me!! =D
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what's up just stop to show your page some love..hit me back when you get a chance
Tagged by Timothy Sims on 04/23/2009  
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