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What Impresses You Most, About Someone?
"What impresses me most about someone? If what they say and what they do has a consistency. This may appear to be no big issue, but when it comes to loving who we are. It is apparent that you have a strong love for yourself and your people and I want to thank you for your many history lessons. This kind of work really impresses me."

Interviewed by Hugh Gaddy 09/07/11

What are your interests?
"Hi Siebra My interests are sewing, reading, politics, and working with our local youth. "

Interviewed by Siebra Muhammad 07/17/10

Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you? Once you get to know me... You will know me..
" hi Cynthia We have two things in common, one is our first name, Cynthia. Two, we both have an interest in empowering our youth with truth about our people and not lies that feed self hate. Some of these lies are Black is bad and White is good. I can not say this enough, this is a capitalism tactic to divide and conquer. Hope to communicate with you soon. Peace, Cynthia "

Interviewed by Cynthia Merrill Artis 05/02/10

How to regenerate America
"I believe we will regenerate America by reconnecting with our own higher self or highest frequency possible . Yes, we look at the fact that, One million sperms fight for one egg to become fertilized. We were the ones to land on this great planet. Yes, we are the egg that fertilized with that sperm. I feel with those odds in our beginning, there is nothing we can not accomplice. So, after I accept that I am a miracle. Then I must accept that you are also a miracle, and every other man, woman, child and animal are also a miracle. I regenerate Americans one person at a time. I look and listen, at all the people I meet. I know they are also a miracle. I remind anyone who have forgotten they are a miracle. I look for the good and I compliment that with a positive statement. That is a beginning to regenerate America. We began with odds one million to one. Impossible! I feel is an over used word."

Interviewed by kanya Vashon McGhee 08/02/09

Why is it so important to take a good look at capitalism use of symbolism in regard to black is bad and white is good.
"It is so important because that was one of the tools Willie Lynch used more than 275 years ago and it still works today. This is not an issue I want you to become mad about. I just want it recognized and whenever we are in the presents of people that uses these symbols in a negative example of black is bad and white is good. Ask the question, where did the history of that belief come from? I just want all of America to take a good look at the use of symbolism, in order to, raise our awareness. "

Interviewed by Cynthia Polk 07/13/10

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Cynthia Polk
Location: Salisbury, MD United States
Birthday: Sep 12th
Joined: Jul 27th, 2009
About   (request update)
I have lived this motto, "Whatever happens to us, I feel we must make it work for us"
I am a compassionate human being. I believe very much
in let's partner in caring for our communities, and our
My Interview Question
Why is it so important to take a good look at capitalism use of symbolism in regard to black is bad and white is good.
Current Whereabouts:
I am currently into personalizing accessories and setting up a website and donating a portion of the funds to start up charities. I network with other creative seamstresses, we make headbands,scarves, dolls of color, hats, you create it in your mind we put in your hands.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
Wholesale Kim's Star Accessories all over the continent, and motivate other small and large businesses by sharing innovative ideas.
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