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(interview me)
Kimberly Springer
Location: Cleveland, OH United States
Birthday: Oct 24th
Joined: May 25th, 2005
About   (request update)
My Interview Question
What role do you think that HBCUs play in society?
Current Whereabouts:
In Tuskegee,
Education   (request update)
Tuskegee University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: History
Campus Organization:
Me Phi Me
Claim To Fame:
I will most likely starting to go to Law School.
High School: Glenville High School in , class of 2006
Activities & Accomplishments:
Sports are TOO hard core a my high school. They train like the pros. It would be like committing suicide if i tried out for any team. Plus I'm not athletic at all.
Best Memories:
My induction into the National Honor Society. It felt so good to be recognized for something I worked so hard for. My high school is known for it's athletics, and doesn't really focus on academics. It was nice to know that high achieving students can rece
New to Facebook!! New to Facebook!!
Hiya!! I know I am soooo late but I finally got a facebook account. So feel free to hit me up. Facebook me! ...more
Posted by Kimberly Springer on May 22nd, 2006 • 452 Views
UNCF/ JPMorgan Scholarship UNCF/ JPMorgan Scholarship
**I just found out about this scholarship. I think everyone should apply. Make sure that you click the link. Forward to as many ppl. *** The United Negro College Fund and JPMorgan Chase Bank ar ...more
Posted by Kimberly Springer on May 15th, 2006 • 1,387 Views
Financial Aid Financial Aid
As senior year comes to an end, I have finally chosen Tuskegee University as my college. Many seniors have to make the same decision. My question is, " Did your financial aid from the school of your c ...more
Posted by Kimberly Springer on May 4th, 2006 • 781 Views
Midwest Stand up!!!! Midwest Stand up!!!!
Hey everybody! U need to rep yo city/state and put the midwest on the map. Let it be known who runs this. ...more
Posted by Kimberly Springer on May 4th, 2006 • 224 Views
My Groups
Mid-West Peeps
TU Club
Tuskegee c/o 06 Recruits
im reppin 06'
Tuskegee. STAND UP!
Criminal Justice or Pre Law Chill Club
Future World Changers
Black Unity Inc.
Da Teens Club
HBCU Dymes
I attend/will be attending the Best HBCU!!!
The Midwest!
caribbean club
Guestbook Comments
Hey girl how you been?
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 09/29/2008  
Thank you for the poke poke you back keep up good work girl...
Tagged by phillip mercer on 06/25/2008  
im fine. just ready for school to start because it boring.
Tagged by Jessica Pettway on 06/13/2008  
Don't be a stranger. TOODLES
Tagged by Dawayne Starr on 05/01/2007  
I just though I'd come by once more to say hi. TOODLES playa
Tagged by Dawayne Starr on 05/01/2007  
Just came by to say wizzzz up pimp. Scream at me. HOLLA
Tagged by Dawayne Starr on 02/23/2007  
Just came to sprinkle a little love and all. How you doin' today? Scream at me. HOLLA
Tagged by Dawayne Starr on 02/12/2007  
how are you doing/
Tagged by Jason R on 01/23/2007  
how are you doing/
Tagged by Jason R on 01/23/2007  
how are you doing/
Tagged by Jason R on 01/23/2007  
Hey Kimberly! I just wanted to let u know I googled my roomate's picture and it was you! We have ANOTHER girl too...I'm excited. I hope u are too. I will be calling soon!.
Tagged by Shara Mitchell on 07/12/2006  
wassup beautiful...... success to u
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 05/27/2006  
Since you showed me some love i'll return it. Yeah I know how you feel by being inducted into the NHS. By being black you should be very proud of your achievements that very few black people like us achieve.
Tagged by Aljamar Henderson on 05/15/2006  
Tagged by CHARLES MILLS on 05/13/2006  
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ how r u sexiiiiiiiii @@@ @@@@@@ take care.... this summer !!!!!!!!!
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 05/09/2006  
thanks for the love. good luck in the fall.
Tagged by brandon thomas on 05/02/2006  
Tagged by Ngesonna Abengowe on 05/02/2006  
Thank you for posting on my guestbook on my birthday way back in February. I hope your are finishing out your year in high school just like you planned!
Tagged by Jelani Cole on 04/23/2006  
Our ShowTime at the Apollo win will be broadcast on April 29th on the UPN network.
Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 04/22/2006  
Hey I was trying to get a little advice about Tuskegee University for a city girl like me. I am from LA, and I wanted to know about life at Tuskegee is it live?
Tagged by Esther Hicks on 04/09/2006  
Just stopping by to show you love!!!
Tagged by LaKesha Black on 04/04/2006  
Hey grl!!!! I no its been way 2 lng! Well...i got a new boo now, lol. Montae Murphy,lol! Call me!!!! Ima be at TU Saturday...n then in ATL 4 my spring break!!!
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 03/30/2006  
Thank you Kimberly for being so graceful for signing my G-spot...Kim how do I add sound to my page girl...hook a brother up wit da knowledge! Can you do video too?
Tagged by B. Dwight Foster, B.A., MS-MANAGEMENT on 03/25/2006  
Just returnin da luv. '06' 2 da fullest
Tagged by Ambrea Russell on 03/24/2006  
That was suppose to say guestbook.... My nails are too long---->sOrRy!
Tagged by Jameisha Frazier on 03/16/2006  
Thank you so much for signing my gestbook! I wish you the absolute best in all of your endeavors!!! Take care and many blessings to you...
Tagged by Jameisha Frazier on 03/16/2006  
Hello Kim.....Thanks for the love sis. You have a nice page! Take CAre.
Tagged by Mya Williams on 03/09/2006  
Wassup. Thank you for signing my book. I pray that you enjoy the rest of your time in college. Once you leave, you will be scratching to get back in. Keep that beautiful smile. Holla
Tagged by Khristen Foster on 03/07/2006  
Hey Kimberly. Just stopped by to return the love. Hope all is well.
Tagged by Terrela Purdy on 03/06/2006  
Just stopping by to show you some love!!!
Tagged by LaKesha Black on 03/06/2006  
Best wishes to you also! Keep pressin on :)
Tagged by Tyquili (Knight) Booker on 03/03/2006  
Thank you for leaving me a note on my guest book. Good luck in all your future endeavors.
Tagged by Keanna Scott-Houston on 03/03/2006  
Thanks for the love Kimberly. Best wishes to you also. I hope o be at CAU in the fall.
Tagged by Carolyn Newton on 03/03/2006  
Thank for the Holla, Don't stop going hard after your dreams they will soon be a reality. Alex "Al Holla' Adley
Tagged by Alex L. Adley on 03/03/2006  
Just stopping by to show you some love!!!!
Tagged by LaKesha Black on 02/28/2006  
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