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Q&A With M. Pradia

Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"I'm a big ole kid at heart."

Interviewed by Quintin Simms 09/30/10

Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"I'm a big kid at heart."

Interviewed by Kolonji Murray 09/30/10

Got any better idea how to make the world less greedy about money ?
"Put it up for sell."

Interviewed by Sabyasachi Kundu 09/30/10

What is my favorite holiday?
"I guess one day I will find out."

Interviewed by Raphael Williams 09/30/10

it is what it is.
"And that's all it should be."

Interviewed by Gregory Lawson 09/30/10

Why doesn't the greatest HCBU football school have a football team ? Thats you UMES !!!

Interviewed by Randy Thompson 09/30/10

How did we meet?
"Right here."

Interviewed by Jesus Diaz 09/30/10

What would you do to help a child get into college?
"Motivate them to want to go to college."

Interviewed by Kerwin Williams 09/30/10

what is your preference in men?

Interviewed by hashem croom 09/30/10

Whats goals have you accomplished in life
"Being at peace with myself."

Interviewed by Mario collins 09/30/10

How is life treating you & How are you treating yourself.
"Good and even better."

Interviewed by Farries Look Whos Poppin Maxwell 09/30/10

What attracted you to visit my profile?
"Very photogenic."

Interviewed by JASON BAKER 04/17/10

If you are making a sandwich and you can either use peanut butter or jelly but not both, which do you choose?
"Jelly cuz its sweet."

Interviewed by Johnathn Randolph 03/22/10

What would Thurgood do ?
"Accept my friend request :-)"

Interviewed by Ronald (AC) Brandon, J.D. 03/22/10

(interview me)
M. Pradia
Location: , NY United States
Birthday: Feb 17th
Joined: Jan 17th, 2005
About   (request update)
My Interview Question
Is the glass half empty or half full?
Life & Professional Aspirations:
Aspire to write curricula for urban school districts.
Education   (request update)
Univ of Rochester class of 1997
Undergrad Major: Psychology
High School: New Iberia Sr. High in New Iberia, LA class of 1986
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Guestbook Comments
Hello My name is Miss Favour buma, i am a young girl seeking for your relationship. i am interested in you, i will like you email me back at my ( because i will like to scan my photo and you will understand me well.Age,colour and distance will not stop the relationship. Miss Favour
Tagged by favour buma on 02/03/2011  
Hey Ms. Pradia...I am just checking my page and saw your tag...Sorry I missed it...Here is wishing you a Merry Christmas...Peace
Tagged by Simeon Deskins on 12/23/2010  
Hey Miss Pradia. You've heard of "better late than never?" Well this is certainly one of those cases! I'm responding to your "Hi" from 2009! Just goes to show how often I access this site. Must get better! Pray all is well for you!
Tagged by Everett D. Watson on 10/19/2010  
Ms. Pradia, I am doing fine. And by your profile picture you are too!
Tagged by Charles Flack on 06/14/2010  
Hi, Miss Pradia!
Tagged by Charles Flack on 06/14/2010  
Girl you lookin HOT in that red and black.
Tagged by korega zachery on 02/15/2010  
Great! Will Stay in Touch. PS. The Glass is Half Full" For Sure.
Tagged by Donald Thornton on 02/15/2010  
Hello Ms. Pradia, Pleasure to meet you! Hope all is going well for you. Stay in touch! "Don"
Tagged by Donald Thornton on 02/10/2010  
Hello M.Pradia, do you know someone who could use our program? It's at
Tagged by Esther Pinkston on 02/06/2010  
Hey M? You sound like a py from a James Bond movie! How is it going in your world?
Tagged by Brian Anderson on 11/16/2009  
I am pretty good. Work is rough but I am dealing. Looking forward to Thanksgiving
Tagged by Michael Cade on 11/10/2009  
Thanks for your supportive comments in my guestbook. Please let me know what you think about the site. If you have any questions, comments or critic, please feel free to share it. I find that is how my site improves and my knowledge grows.
Tagged by Vinicent Holland on 11/02/2009  
the glass is always full -- when you put things in the proper perspective.....
Tagged by Derrick Farmer on 10/25/2009  
Hi, How are you?
Tagged by Michael Cade on 10/23/2009  
Is the glass half empty or half full? That depends if you are living a life full of determination and prosperity or if you have settled and have no desire to go any further in life from where you are at now. Thanks for visiting my page...come again.
Tagged by Darryl (Dee) Smaller on 10/04/2009  
Tagged by LEROY SEYMOUR on 10/02/2009  
I saw you stopped by my page so I am just sayng thank you, please feel free to network with me if there is something you wish to pass on, since we are local.
Tagged by Stepherson Marvin on 09/30/2009  
Thanks for the tag.
Tagged by korega zachery on 09/29/2009  
Hello, how are you?
Tagged by Reginald Johnson on 09/26/2009  
U WELCOME! Appreciate the feedback!
Tagged by Derrick Bell on 09/26/2009  
Hello, yourself, and thanks for the kind words of endearment!
Tagged by Anthony G. (Tony) Dunn on 09/25/2009  
Thanks for accepting me as a friend. I too look forward to future communications.
Tagged by Daniel Gant on 09/24/2009  
/* Thanks for the friendship! Please comment and share my blogs/articles here, , and my other sites as well. Peace and Love, Greg. */
Tagged by Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. on 09/23/2009  
Thanks for signing my guest book. I am also interested in youth services and look forward to sharing some ideas.
Tagged by Steve Williams on 09/23/2009  
Greetings M. Pradia, I hope to find all is well for you, thank you for answering my interview question. I like and agree with what you replied. I wish you continued best in your positive aspirations and endeavors. Bless you, sincerest, Rattla Alum p.s. Happy to start off your GBook
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 09/22/2009  
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