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Q&A With Kandis D. Webster

(interview me)
Kandis D. Webster
Location: Norfolk, VA United States
Birthday: Aug 8th
Joined: Jan 20th, 2005
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
I am a JUNIOR graduating in MAY 2007. I am a RA in the "TOWERS." AGAIN.
Education   (request update)
Norfolk State University class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Mass Communication
Claim To Fame:
My "Claim to fame" is making it to college and doing something with my life. Better things are ahead. Best believe. I have a good head on my shoulders. I am a very determined person I go after what I want. I am a friendly person and easy person to talk to. I am a very outgoing individual that is always up for a challenge. After college I want to move to New York receive my Massage Therapy degree and work for a PR firm. I plan to be a publicist to the stars!! I want to own my own club and massage parlor. One day my name is going to be the "Need to Know" name.
Most Memorable Moment:
College so far has been a memorable event in itself. Everyday I find out something new about myself and other people. NSU is a place of opportunities. I have meet several celebrites and been many places that have memorable events. So far I have met Juelz Santana, Pharrell, The Clispe, Allen Iverson, Akon, Sheek Louch, Free, Fat Joe, & Lil Scrappy. I am trying to meet Nelly, T.I, Usher, & J-Boog (from B2K), !!!!
High School: Matoaca High School in , class of 2003
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Guestbook Comments
3 native Virginians and 1 native New Yorker, all musicologists, all NSU/HBCU students. Come take a ride with us. LOT 14 WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE HBCU CREW FOR THEIR SUPPORT. newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL
Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 11/02/2005  
Greetings Sis, I wish you the best in all your Dreams, Goals and Endeavors, Blessings to You, sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 10/27/2005  
whats good ma. Just showing love to da book and to u
Tagged by J'von Mc Kinney on 10/27/2005  
whats good ma, just spreading love around hit me back
Tagged by Germaine Pannell on 09/18/2005  
Welcome, & keep it pimpin!! :)
Tagged by Luv Doctor on 05/31/2005  
well im holla at you get at me
Tagged by Marcus J. Williams on 05/31/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 05/10/2005  
Kandis, I know u had a rough year as a RA but at the same time 03 knows how to get things done.. ill holla at you hit me up on AIM: bea11553
Tagged by Beatrice Dubois on 05/05/2005  
Aaaa Haaa! Hey Kandis, yea u know who it is. I'll peep u later on next semester aight? Nice time I see u be nicer and er'thing will be better! Peace and take care
Tagged by Donald G. R. Jones on 05/02/2005  
yeh ill try ima b stuk down here 4 the summer tho since i got my apartment now i mite still c u cuz ima b up in Richmond ery now n then so ill see u wen i c u have a good summer aight 1
Tagged by B Steel on 04/29/2005  
Your a RA too, Man How is NSU if u remember me I was In Towers all the time chillin on th 4th and 10th fl.
Tagged by Beatrice Dubois on 04/08/2005  
thanx but i wasnt actin shy tho i was chillin i thot yall left so i got caught by suprise but it was good to c yall again ttyl 1
Tagged by B Steel on 04/07/2005  
hey sup chica?! yea imma be hittin up the 757 in da summer. yea im still in Terrace. moms is ready ta move tho cuz they gettin crazy and my mom can be crazier if u kno what i mean lol. but hope u havin fun in college hit me back...1
Tagged by Candis Ames-Morton on 04/05/2005  
Whats Good fam thanx for the compliment I love those lol well how do you like college so far? Smith is umm....aight I guess well get at me
Tagged by Brian Howard on 04/02/2005  
Whatup my fellow SPARTAN! Stay up!Good luck with ur studies. NSU all day, 1!!!
Tagged by Pita-Gay Nelson on 03/31/2005  
Hey whats up...just stopped by and wanted to leave some luv in your guestbook. Make sure you stop by and do the same. Stay Up
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 03/30/2005  
Just stopping by to return the love. Stay up and remember nothing can hold an African American sister down.
Tagged by Jaquita T. Brown on 03/28/2005  
it has been awile sinc i spoke to u my break was ok realy cold tho it was like -4 up ther im good now tho i jus put money up on my place 4 next yr so i dont hav to b stuk at HU but keep doin u tho nice hearing frum u hopfuly ill ttyl
Tagged by B Steel on 03/25/2005  
wassup shawty? just returnin the luv. holla at me
Tagged by Mike Lane on 03/06/2005  
Hey just returning the love, bout to hit up the 534 club, have a good weekend.
Tagged by Quintus Ferguson on 03/04/2005  
Im always doin my thing wit my skool werk thas wat im here 4 a education bsides books is the only thin keepin me outa trouble rite now n away frum the 2 feet of snow in Jerz lol
Tagged by B Steel on 03/03/2005  
Watup aint talk to u in a minute hit me up aight 1
Tagged by B Steel on 03/03/2005  
thanks for da NSU luv baby i needed that. just givin a shout back from the sticks GSU baby #1 HBCU in the country fa sho!!! holla at ya boy cliff GO TIGERS!!!!
Tagged by Clifton Francis on 03/01/2005  
Whats good, thanks for showing me some love on my page, i wanted to do the same to yours. holla back.
Tagged by Jarvis Bronner on 02/28/2005  
wats good wit u niggas is bored out here ne parties out ther this weekend hit me up
Tagged by B Steel on 02/23/2005  
Ur so wack.... Hi..... get a life!! Just playing you know you my girl. Uptown, Uptown. Where we grew up, right?? lol
Tagged by Andrea M. Brown on 02/23/2005  
thanksk for the love cutie just hittin u back with some of that CAU love hollal
Tagged by Carl on 02/23/2005  
Thanx For The Love Sweetie. Returning With Some VSU Love!!
Tagged by Samuel Johnson on 02/22/2005  
My little sister is growing up. About time.
Tagged by K.Sh**zz on 02/19/2005  
watup jus passin thru showin u sum luv frum the otha side hopefully u would b able to bless my page with ur " Grace and Presence" aight stay liberated 1
Tagged by B Steel on 02/15/2005  
U know I do!!! BUt anyways what can I say??
Tagged by Andrea M. Brown on 02/12/2005  
Dats good skool str8 ova here cold as fuk right now tho lol
Tagged by Chris Coleman on 02/10/2005  
thanks for the luv ma how school going for you? Get at me
Tagged by Chris Coleman on 02/10/2005  
Hey Kan, just wanted to show you some love on your page. Love ya girl!! ``Andrea
Tagged by Andrea M. Brown on 02/02/2005  
what it do, just showing a lil louisiana love righchea, U have a good secon semester and maybe we'll run into each other, I'll be over there a lot next semester promoting my last street album before i get a deal,one (
Tagged by GUMBO . on 01/23/2005  
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