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Jairus Rutledge
Location: Chattanooga, TN United States
Birthday: May 19th
Joined: Oct 18th, 2009
About   (request update)
People see me as a hard worker and intelligent young man. People see greatness in the man that Im going becoming to be in the future. Not only dose I have a hard dedication towards school, but I also makes a great impression on the people that I know or dont know. I like to put a smile on people faces, because I feel that they love him for who I'am as a person.
My Interview Question
How would you descibe your personality?
Current Whereabouts:
Music, Dance, Art, Sports, Volunteer
Education   (request update)
High School: Chattanooga of the Arts and Science in Chattanooga, TN class of 2010
Activities & Accomplishments:
I run track. I serve alot of volunteer hours in my community. I got chose to be in a magzine and rep my school in City Scope.
Best Memories:
2 years ago I went to Philadelphia on my Strings strip with the school. I played the chello and we had a great time there. We were in a competition against other school. We also took tours arould the city so I had great moment to keep in my life.
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