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tia williams
Location: Riverside, CA United States
Birthday: Sep 11th
Joined: May 8th, 2012
About   (request update)
I'm the second to youngest in my family, 3 out of the 4 of my siblings are 8+ years older than me, so in a sense I was raised around all adults. That has been an advantage in a way because I've been able to see what they have went through and learn from their mistakes so I won't go on to follow them. However it has also been a disadvantage because I was forced to grow up and mature quicker than I was ready too, but im learning to enjoy life being young because someday (soon) I'll really have to grow up and face the "real world" and all the responsibilities that come with it.
Current Whereabouts:
Outside of school and dancing I'm apart of the CD ministry at my church. I hope to find a job this upcoming summer.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I want to establish my career in the medical field, specifically being a pediatrician. Doing something I enjoy for a living is very important, because not only will I be passionate but I will also be able to serve others with the same compassionate. It's my goal to 15-20 years from now be in a financial place where I can live comfortably and help my family if they are ever in need.
Education   (request update)
High School: Citrus Hill High School in Perris, CA class of 2013
Activities & Accomplishments:
I've been on the school dance team since i was in the 9th grade. I've also played on the softball team, I am a member of the national honor society. Some of my achievements were being recognized as on
Best Memories:
My best high school memories have been dancing with my team at school activities such as sports games and school rallies. During school rallies where we would perform, I was also awarded with academic awards which made me realize I can participate in fun activities all the way maintaining a balance with education.
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