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Eden Austin
Location: Laurel, MD United States
Birthday: Nov 5th
Joined: May 14th, 2012
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University of Maryland Eastern Shore class of 2017
Undergrad Major: Physical Therapy
Scholarship Essay: 2015-03-31 22:52:42
As Booker T. Washington’s inscription says on his monument at Tuskegee University, “He lifted the veil of ignorance from his people and pointed the way to progress through education and industry.” HBCUs are the way for all African Americans to come together as one and recognize our power as African Americans. The first reason I wanted to be a part of an HBCU was because my parents and grandparents attended one. As I grew older I realized that I wanted to be surrounded by people like myself. There is so much going on in this country against us as young African Americans, especially our young men. I thought about where my money was going depending on the college I went too. If I was going to give an institute my money I would prefer to support one in my own (the African American) community. HBCU’s offer a great cultural experience, are rich in history, and establish pride. I am choosing an HBCU because of the rigorous academic programs and I believe that it would prepare me for leadership positions.
Going to University of Maryland Eastern Shore would give me all the tools I need to be successful as a Physical Therapist and a leader for the generations of African Americans to come. They are a HBCU and ranked one of the highest in Physical Therapy School in the country. I believe they would give me the education to compete in the global PT market. I have the intent to own my own Physical Therapy Practice and that can be accomplished by building my clientele and gaining the experience needed while working at other Physical Therapy Practices. Personally UMES would help me with my self-worth and self-image. By attending an HBCU I believe it would create a new found confidence in myself and it would give me the necessary tools to overcome any racial barriers. Having great examples at an HBCU would be just what I need to accomplish my goals and give me the opportunity to excel.

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