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(interview me)
Allister Primo
Location: hampton, VA United States
Joined: Sep 2nd, 2002
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Working hard in class Marching band " The Force" Chillen with my people Holding doors for the beautiful women of Hampton University
Education   (request update)
Hampton University class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Computer Engineering
Claim To Fame:
I am known as Primo all around campus.I plan on runnig a succesful engineering company in the near future. Becoming a member of OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY INC.
Most Memorable Moment:
Mr. Barney E. Smart (HU band director)is the most memorable person i had the chance to encounter he helped me with so many diffenrent things and now he's gone Thank you and god be with your soul. R.I.P. August 14, 1941 - july 2, 2004. I haven't had a special moment as yet but i am sure it will come soon. But I do remember playing the bum in the hottest fashion HU ever had. NYC pre - Alumni fashion show 2004
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Guestbook Comments
just came thru to show luv. I wish you the best of luck with everything your heart is set out to do. I hope you reach all your goals and have a successful future. Be encouraged and God Bless\
Tagged by Kimberly John on 07/01/2005  
hey, just showin some hbcu love (like the graphix in ur pic)
Tagged by Courtney Moody on 06/28/2005  
Showin u that BK love, we spoke once b4 on aol. but im comin down to HU this fall so hollat at me
Tagged by Allison Simone on 06/22/2005  
Showin luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/22/2005  
I've been good. I still haven't seen you around. How everythin is good wit u. Lata
Tagged by Jamila Simmons on 01/27/2005  
My christmas was ok. I am enjoying my time back home. I love being at home and walking on my bare feet in my own bathroom! How are you enjoying your time at home?
Tagged by Mignon Rowell on 12/28/2004  
I'm going home on thursday, when are u going home. You could email me at lata
Tagged by Jamila Simmons on 12/13/2004  
what up Primo! Holla at ya girl! I see u at the next home game!
Tagged by Alexis Moss on 12/13/2004  
Hey what's up? I haven't seen you around campus either. Maybe we will bump into each other one day, the campus is not too big.
Tagged by Mignon Rowell on 11/10/2004  
ummm....i've had mine braided before, but i have never actually braided somebody else's before...but there's a first time for everything, right? lol...
Tagged by Aja Taylor on 11/06/2004  
No I haven't because whenever they meet i got class. Can you tell me when they meet again? Hope to see you around
Tagged by Jamila Simmons on 11/03/2004  
Wats up, I haven't seen u around campus but I just wanted to show u some NY luv
Tagged by Jamila Simmons on 11/02/2004  
Thanks. I really like your pic too...its creative. :-) So far....HU has been str8. I was very bored at first. But recently I found some girls to chill with. We have a lot of fun despite curfew! lol
Tagged by Ashley Phillips on 11/02/2004  
Hey wassup just wanted to say hi!
Tagged by Ashley Phillips on 11/01/2004  
i'm in college...of course i charge, lol. how much are you trying to pay (less than 7 is NOT cutting it...preferably 10)
Tagged by Aja Taylor on 10/27/2004  
Tagged by Danny Boy Stewart on 10/23/2004  
you can tell that hampton has a 13:1 girl to boy ratio...every boy's guestbook is filled with women, lol. oh well, i suppose i am just adding to the bunch. have a blessed school year, and keep doing your thing in the band:)
Tagged by Aja Taylor on 10/21/2004  
naw she didn't but i'm comin thru ne way 2 say what's up* if u got AIM hit me up JessiLO808* holla at tha girl*
Tagged by JESSI LO on 10/13/2004  
Yea, im down here, i stay in kennedy
Tagged by Julie Marie (JewelE) on 09/07/2004  
My extention is 4619. Give me a call sometime!!!
Tagged by Rachel R Cardona on 09/07/2004  
you shoulda said hey
Tagged by Cicely Gosier on 09/06/2004  
you're missing a number!!!
Tagged by Rachel R Cardona on 09/05/2004  
yea are ytou?
Tagged by ~BrItTaNy BaRrEtT~ on 09/02/2004  
hey i should be gettn my new phone so ima hit u up with the digits lata
Tagged by Fatima M Kamara on 09/01/2004  
Hey yeah i'm here already i'm in davidson rm 108 so you can hit me up there
Tagged by Jamila Simmons on 09/01/2004  
i don't want 2 put her name out like that but she plays tha trumpet and she from brooklyn,her nam start wit a K her last name is b, i think u should kno wit that info.
Tagged by JESSI LO on 09/01/2004  
yo what up jus sendin' u sum luv cuz my roomie said she kne u from back home and u that u was cool. do ya thing in tha band. we gotta keep it hot. 1 LoVe
Tagged by JESSI LO on 08/31/2004  
Allister!! I still have your V-day flower but anyways I hope that you are enjoying yourself at HU! -Always (smiling) Mecca
Tagged by Mecca Moore on 08/22/2004  
Hey Mr. Primo, See you in a week...
Tagged by Rachel R Cardona on 08/18/2004  
Hey Primo!! We go way back to Freshman band camp 2002. Love ya!!
Tagged by Natasha Hicks on 08/15/2004  
Wut up my nigga so u got it, dats wuts up we goin be rollin and u kno i got those howard connects so for homecomin we in there but hit me up cuz i got to tell u bout virginia state homecomin cuz im goin >1
Tagged by Jarrett Payne on 08/13/2004  
Hey, what's up? Just stopping by to drop some love to ya. Hope to see you on campus.
Tagged by Mignon Rowell on 08/12/2004  
watever....we'll c when school starts
Tagged by Fatima M Kamara on 08/11/2004  
hey primo....wats up lil nigga u been....hit me when u get this i cant wait to c u in the fall we gonna be buddies
Tagged by Fatima M Kamara on 08/11/2004  
Tagged by Briahnna Odom on 08/06/2004  
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