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Erica Dingle
Location: Queens Village, NY United States
Joined: Sep 2nd, 2002
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I'm a junior and i'm focused and working hard. I am hoping and believing that I have a prosperous year ahead and I wish the same to all who have the same in mind. I am ready for that next level of life; another chapter if you will. I'm looking forward to growing up even more than I thought I could in a years time. My ultimate goal is to " learn how to live life like it is golden". Thank you Lord for bringing me this far; I appreciate your many blessings and I will continue to trust you.
Education   (request update)
Hampton University class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Marketing
Claim To Fame:
Doing whatever it is that makes me happy!!
Most Memorable Moment:
There are so many that I could list. But I think overall, freshman year is and will always be that which involved the most memorable moments, people, and events in college. I must mention that I was Miss Pre-College, Miss Twitchell Hall, Miss Sophomore, and currently Miss American Red Cross, Hampton Chapter.
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Stopping thru to show some love to my Queens /HIU fam...
Tagged by AL ~DJ PRECISE~ DIXON on 05/04/2006  
Tagged by bobby sumner on 03/26/2006  
Yo, I'm gettn back at u. Thanks for signing. If you really wanna holla.........FACEBOOK.COM name CALHOUN at HUNTINGDON COLLEGE
Tagged by Maurice Calhoun on 01/25/2006  
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 10/18/2005  
showing u love n respect from bermuda--hang in there with life- u will do well, trust me....>>><<<
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 10/16/2005  
wuz up ma hi u and shit but just stop by to show some badnewz dont be shy and returned da favor wheneva...holla
Tagged by Antonio Carter on 10/13/2005  
hey there sexy lady..just stoppin by to show you a lil loven..holla back at me when you get the chance..peace!!!
Tagged by mel .. on 09/09/2005  
Where do you stay at in Hampton beautiful?
Tagged by Antoine Wongus on 08/07/2005  
E Dingle, you know its all love
Tagged by ROYCE WOODS on 06/30/2005  
what's crackin mama im just stopping by to show u some luv from chi-town ya heard!! holla back
Tagged by Christpher Davis on 03/18/2005  
Tagged by DEMARIO HANNAH on 02/11/2005  
Hey foxy lady, I stop by to say how fly you look . Hit me up some time I like to get to know you better .
Tagged by Joseph Thornton on 02/09/2005  
my mama told me if i see an angel like u go for it,so can i.if so tell me by calling this number when u read this at 662-571-5431
Tagged by kendall woods on 01/19/2005  
sorry i did not sign ur g-book but ur so beautiful i forget to sign
Tagged by kendall woods on 01/19/2005  
Erica, HEY sweetie! I see that you are doing very well, I hope that you have a great year...what are you doing for spring break
Tagged by Mecca Moore on 01/19/2005  
Tagged by O'kneeka Roberts on 01/19/2005  
Hey Erica, this is you ex-fellow student leader. Just wanted to show you some love and wish you the best in this new year. Much luv.
Tagged by OaklandHamptonian on 01/09/2005  
what's up? I wish you the best on this roller coaster we call life. May the most that you wish for be the least that you receive.
Tagged by Phil Rich on 12/27/2004  
Tagged by Natima J on 12/27/2004  
SSSSSSSSSSSK! Congrats.. Muah. PS Who the hell cares!
Tagged by O'kneeka Roberts on 12/11/2004  
hai its me cosmas from zambia who wants to be your new friend. the page didnt open so that i can leave the message please use my e-mail adress:
Tagged by on 11/11/2004  
what took ya'll so long to give this dyme her five stars, don't worry doll...I got ya!!
Tagged by Luv Doctor on 11/08/2004  
What are you doing this summer
Tagged by Mecca Moore on 07/29/2004  
Hey Sweetie it was so good seeing you this summer, just call me whenever you come back to the ATL
Tagged by Mecca Moore on 07/18/2004  
Hey Queen, Stay focused and NEVER forget why you are in school. Remember, Boy's before books brings baby’s. Take Care.
Tagged by William Lyle on 06/17/2004  
Hey Erica, I hope that everything is well and I will contact you on your e-mail mine is
Tagged by Mecca Moore on 05/10/2004  
Wassup woman. Stoppin thru sayin what it do
Tagged by BRANDON A. WILLIAMS on 04/11/2004  
Whats up Ma this is Tim im from DC but I go to NSU just stopping by to show u some love so stop by my page and do the same........holla at ur boy ps: nice pic
Tagged by Timothy Bennett on 12/26/2003  
Autry was here from your "Home by the Sea"
Tagged by Autry Brantley on 12/14/2003  
hi baby its Tashia! I know you have not seen me around because I transfered. I will be back next semester. Tell Michelle I love her
Tagged by LaTashia Penick on 12/04/2003  
Tagged by Danny Boy Stewart on 12/03/2003  
Hey whatsup Erica, just spreading some love.Holla at me ......1
Tagged by Curtis (Curtflirt) Yarborough on 10/22/2003  
just stopping by to say wassup, hit me back soon so maybe i can catch up wit u around campus
Tagged by Tony Davis on 10/17/2003  
whats up ma Im from akron Ohio, I'll be a freshmen in the fall just shoutin u holla one marketing major to another
Tagged by Ean Johnson on 08/06/2003  
I've got a lovely bunch of Dingleberries! Hey Dingle!
Tagged by Mallorie D. Chapman on 06/17/2003  
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