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WouldntYou LikeTaKnow
Location: Charlotte, NC United States
Birthday: Dec 6th
Joined: Feb 19th, 2003
About   (request update)
Life & Professional Aspirations:
Hobbies: Singing, Songwriting, HBCU Marching Bands Music: Arts: News: Sports:
Education   (request update)
North Carolina A&T State University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Journalism
Campus Organization:
Sigma Alpha Iota
High School: Piedmont High School in , class of 2004
Best Memories:
Image hosted by My most memorable event was in the 9th grade I accepted God into my life and then i received my calling into the ministry of Singing. I tell you
TO Be Loved By Love TO Be Loved By Love
He is...... That special touch that puts a smile on myface...... The presence that brings my body to nervousness He comforts me in my lowest points and lifts me to higher heights.... He has my back ...more
Posted by WouldntYou LikeTaKnow on October 27th, 2005 • 176 Views
By Senequa A. McKISSIC/ MY STUFF IS COPYRIGHTED SO DONT EVEN TRY IT. I Live I lived from the struggle of the first breath of Life....... To see the Depths of Death that was standing at the door ...more
Posted by WouldntYou LikeTaKnow on September 12th, 2005 • 205 Views
Freedom of Expression Freedom of Expression
If something messed up the moment would you still own it. When everything is being drawn to someone elses attention. Its Like..... a Cow with no milk, faucet with no water, organsim with no oragns, O ...more
Posted by WouldntYou LikeTaKnow on September 12th, 2005 • 207 Views
By: Senequa A. McKissic (THIS IS COPYRIGHTED SO DONT TRY TO TAKE THIS) ~Do You Know Me? SoulChild, Sweet, Cute, Fun, Loveable, Loving, Careing Only For The things that have called for Concern, ...more
Posted by WouldntYou LikeTaKnow on September 12th, 2005 • 238 Views
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I havent been on this site in a long time but i have a question.... Do you still have a bad attitude? LOL!
Tagged by marcus s. on 04/14/2009  
hey just lookin for cool ppls to chat with and your one of i had to show some love
Tagged by Josh james on 10/10/2006  
had a great may 14th?? @@@@@@@@@@@@@ holla @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ holla@@@@@@@
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 05/16/2006  
Tagged by Ebonie Brown on 05/07/2006  
Hey baby...This is the first time I've been to your page. Lol. Im showin you the love that you deserve. I Love You *Reem
Tagged by KaReem Roberts on 05/06/2006  
wassup sister-in-law lol, jus stoppin by to show you a lil bit of luv get at me
Tagged by Kiera Roberts on 04/24/2006  
i just joined and tryna meet people and i was wondering if we can be friends. william sahw
Tagged by william shaw on 04/14/2006  
What it do gurl!?!?!!?
Tagged by april freeman on 04/14/2006  
Hey gurl what's up
Tagged by Tamesha Smith on 04/04/2006  
Just came by to spread some Charlotte love and some SU rivalry!! RAMS Up-aggies DOWN :-)
Tagged by L. Shane' Marshall on 02/07/2006  
Just wanted to show some C-Town luv. Best of wishes
Tagged by Kimberly Springer on 01/11/2006  
hi,,,,, a songwriter,,, from BERMUDA
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 11/30/2005  
Hi, just waned to show some mad luv from ASU & SC holla
Tagged by Odessa Y Smith on 11/30/2005  
Hey juss stopin my to show much love and let you know im feelin ya style keep ya head up mama. Also i was think about transfering there and advice??
Tagged by Lanisha Allen on 11/09/2005  
Sup wit u baby gurl... Just coming thru showing u some HBCU LuV... But last but not least wishing u luck at your school ma.....
Tagged by Cordell Smith on 10/25/2005  
Yo wad up Senequa. I don't go to A&T cuz I am a high school student. But I will probably be goin there next year and I was at dat superKrunk homecoming. Best homecoming eva. C u next year.Aggie Pride!!!
Tagged by Jawanza Robinson on 10/23/2005  
Senequa, I am soooo glad you rescued me! You have a great sense of humor and don't let anyone take that....b/c no one can take your pain away so don't let them take your joy! Be good and I know you will be blessed!!! Much Love!
Tagged by Swanda Warren-Hooks on 10/23/2005  
Hey lil sis! Just hittin you back. You're a sweetheart, and I had fun chattin in the chatroom! Luv
Tagged by Daniel Moss on 10/18/2005  
Shit Yo happy ass down, what it is babygurl holla back
Tagged by april freeman on 10/13/2005  
Greetings, pray all is well for you and wishing you the best of success in life. "God" Bless, sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 10/12/2005  
just showing sum lve little munchkin, ill holla at u later!LOL ,SOL79
Tagged by Daniel Parker on 10/07/2005  
Sup Mommy? Dis ur boy TAMPA. Just dropin some luv ur way cause u wasnt n here 2day. I got da couch ready 4 ya, just let me know. Keep dat KP fresh. One luv.
Tagged by Kedric McKennon on 10/05/2005  
What it is baby girl!??! Holla back
Tagged by april freeman on 10/03/2005  
Whats Good Wit You I was Feel'n the page and thought I would leve you a little note so holla back at me
Tagged by Stephan Payne on 10/02/2005  
Tagged by Alise P. on 10/02/2005  
wat up mama showing you some love from spelman ..check out my website and join the msg board..idios
Tagged by Chuichi Lee on 10/02/2005  
I just wanted to know about your time at NC A&T. I'm thinking about moving there and i', thinking about enrolling for grad school, so any help woulb be great
Tagged by Katrina Jones on 09/27/2005  
just sending you some tsu luv. peace
Tagged by Jaamal Smith on 09/19/2005  
hey you!! Just dropped on in just to say wassup. Talk to ya later.
Tagged by Zachary Robinson on 09/19/2005  
Whats up its solomon, just stopped in to say whats good, ill holla at you later.
Tagged by Daniel Parker on 09/15/2005  
whatz up,showin sum luv
Tagged by terance williams on 09/13/2005  
Welp. Its Me Im Me Showing love to ME... and Im happy to be ME!!! its another day in which God has allowed ME to SEE and im so thankful to have another opportunity to say THANK YOU LORD!!! Ya'll Leave me a Note a Message!!
Tagged by WouldntYou LikeTaKnow on 09/11/2005  
sup boo hit me up
Tagged by on 09/08/2005  
Hey sweetie, Just wanted to say sup. You seem like a real cool person so if you get a chance hit me up Damn you've got a pretty smile
Tagged by Tafadzwa Mukungurutse on 09/05/2005  
You look like you were a very happy baby, and you even keep your baby face, too...Very Pretty, sugah...
Tagged by RoDi Baker on 08/20/2005  
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