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Renise Alexander
Location: Waldorf, MD United States
Birthday: Dec 22nd
Joined: Sep 6th, 2003
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Spelman College class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Pre-Law
Claim To Fame:
i wanna run for pres of the class of 09 freshman year!
High School: Palos Verdes Penninsula in , class of 2005
Best Memories:
being on the dance team, student council and class council
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What up girlie this Jay Brown(N.S.P) from facebook who post up the Music Industry articles
Tagged by Jay Brown on 11/15/2007  
Hello, wanted to leave a cordial well-meaning message Hoping all is well and wishing You the best in All the Hopes, Dreams and Goals for You in Life. Blessings, sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 05/08/2006  
i like ya pic sweetie. just showing u some cu luv
Tagged by David Swinson on 10/12/2005  
hey just showin Alcorn love hit me up
Tagged by Chatlin Magee on 09/30/2005  
hey ma thanks for signing the page and the congrats...see u in a little less than a month!
Tagged by Shiseida Aponte on 07/17/2005  
Hey thanks for the hit. I am in 216 i believe I cant wait to leave and hope to c u around. by the way hows ur search for a white dress comin??
Tagged by Lareeca Keys on 07/16/2005  
hey i kno u too!!!!! hahahahaha too funny chica
Tagged by Alexis King on 07/16/2005  
hey gurl whats good..saved you as a friend on myspace..where you staying? im in LLC1 holla at me
Tagged by Iyana Davis on 07/15/2005  
Hey Girl.......I've bought little things such as my bed set..but nothing major...i'll wait till the last minute like always!!!
Tagged by Ashley Burton on 07/12/2005  
Thanx...I'll see u in about a month...I didn't know u were from Cali!...and I have a myspace too (username: Exceptionally Me)...ttyl
Tagged by Danielle Franklin on 07/11/2005  
hey girl! i haven't talked to u in a gooood lil minute lol. im in manley 107 so we r right next to each other :-)
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 07/11/2005  
Hey neighbor!!!!...Have you gotten all your stuff for you dorm room .....
Tagged by Ashley Burton on 07/11/2005  
I cant get a hold of her! My sn is YouniqueDiva29 for aol if u wanna talk!
Tagged by Adrienne S on 07/11/2005  
ur waaaaaaaaaay ahead of me. U get in contact with ur roomate?
Tagged by Adrienne S on 07/11/2005  
How did you know that we were right next to the bathroom and the stairs, have you seen the dorms yet? but anyway can you tell me your # again, cause i lost it.
Tagged by Jasmaine Coleman on 07/11/2005  
Hey wassup> Im in HHRH 224!!!!!!!!!!! Im to excited I have soooooooooooooooooooooo much shopping to do!
Tagged by Adrienne S on 07/11/2005  
there are a lot of Spelmanites that are going to be in HH that are on this website. One is even right next door to us.
Tagged by Jasmaine Coleman on 07/09/2005  
What it do, ma peoples in AUC, favorite kuntry boi, just checkin wit erybody going to the A, after I get off the Nelly tour, Im throwin the 2nd annual "bak 2 skool jam", halla at me leave yall email, so i can put yall on the email list
Tagged by GUMBO . on 06/30/2005  
Wassup, this is your room mate Jasmaine. I was just droppin' by to show some of the Spelman Sister love "HH." Well hit me up whenever you have a chance.
Tagged by Jasmaine Coleman on 06/29/2005  
Hey wassup! Jus wanted to talk to holla at my future Spelman sisters
Tagged by Adrienne S on 05/30/2005  
hey! i'll be attending spelman in the fall of 2005 and i was just wanting to make some contacts. i missed spelbound. so hit me up
Tagged by Tiwanna Gifford on 05/07/2005  
yea my sn is vbalshorti...hit me up aight?? c ya in about a week..yay :-)
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 04/10/2005  
another spelmanite? i didn't think i was goin to know anyone at this school but things are looking better. keep in touch and see you at spelbound!
Tagged by Reena Mahabir on 04/08/2005  
hey girl! no i dont have any other friends that already go there but i have another friend that goes to morehouse so that's cool. make sure u keep in touch before we go k? we can "go together to spelbound" so we know someone kk?
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 04/08/2005  
yea my best friend goes there...ive loved the school since i was a little girl. when i was deciding about where to apply i was going to apply to emory and wake forest but i feel in love with spelman and the people (girls n guys) there
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 04/05/2005  
hey girl, no i dont think they are. but yea i think we are meetin our future classmates and other girls that go to the school. my best friend who goes there told me that when she went it was soooooooo much it should be aight
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 04/04/2005  
Thanks for showin that luv, im just sending it back.
Tagged by Brandon Allen on 04/04/2005  
yea i have too lol! thats so funny...but i mean it's cool to meet some of the people who are goin next yr...hope to see u there!
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 04/04/2005  
hey girl! i saw that u were goin to spelbound...hope to see u down there!
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 04/03/2005  
Hi, Are you going to Spel-Bound?
Tagged by Makiva Renee' Van Buren on 04/02/2005  
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