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Jayvon Hibbler
Location: Memphis, TN United States
Birthday: Dec 21st
Joined: Dec 28th, 2013
About   (request update)
What makes me special is my determination once I achieve my short term goals. Because if I have a short term goal of getting just honor roll over the next grading period I try my best to get distinguished honor roll and get my grades up. I'm very talented in music, I have been doing it since 6th grade it's like second nature to me. Also, I'm great in science, so I figured why not have both and join the Jackson State Family. I have a hard a tedious goal, but I know I can do it. I am determined and ready for what the future holds for me.
Current Whereabouts:
Band, percussion,Wanting to be apart of the Sonic Boom of the South,Getting a college GPA of 3.2 at least and lastly get all of my prerequisites to go on to University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis to become a Dentist .
Life & Professional Aspirations:
In life and professional aspects I have a plethora of aspirations. Firstly, I want to get accepted into Jasckon State University, then graduate from there and attend University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee to study dentistry. Once I get all of my accreditations and training I want to open my own private practice where families can come and get their cleanups or what not. In life I experienced low self esteem due to my teeth not being straight. So, I would smile onthe inside so no one would see. However, when I went to the dentist and I saw pictures of people getting there teeth fixed, but most of getting there pride and self esteem back. That piqued my interest to become a practicing dentist and later an orthodontist. In life I want to service the community by giving them back the self esteem they may believe they've lost by giving the individuals smile back.
Education   (request update)
High School: Memphis Central High School in Memphis, TN class of 2014
Activities & Accomplishments:
band, we received superior ratings in percussion ensemble and Wind Ensemble. Also receiving honor rolls. Being Drum section leader my senior year.
Best Memories:
marching with the band and walking across the stage to receive my honor roll ribbons.
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