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Matthew Mullens
Location: Charlotte, NC United States
Birthday: May 6th
Joined: Apr 8th, 2014
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As an aspiring Engineer, and with the skill set of problem solving, my career goals consist of making an impact on communities that can be appreciated in the long run. Focusing primarily on the use of alternative sustainable energy, also known as going green, I will always consider what impact of producing the good has on the environment around it, making the product and method of producing the product more environmentally friendly. Meaning less pollution or waste. Another area that would benefit is the local economy of whichever company or business I happen to be partnering with at the time. I could potentially create jobs for people within the community by implementing certain task in order to reach the end result in a faster, less labor intensive way. I would definitely save the business money and time by creating better methods of completing task. Not only do I look for a career that will grow my professional experience, but I also look for a company that can help me grow as an individual while I pursue my passion.
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Sustainability, trying new things, learning new skills, working with people, being creative, competition, nature/the outdoors, Music, Dance, athletics
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Morehouse College class of 2017
Undergrad Major: Industrial Engineering
High School: Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, NC class of 2013
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