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CiAsha Hickerson
Location: FLINT, MI United States
Birthday: Apr 10th
Joined: Feb 29th, 2016
About   (request update)
Bearing diligent and outspoken qualities, I have recently been elected Vice President of the Delta G.E.M.S., Secretary of National Honor Society, and a Representative within Student Government. As a member of any program or organization, my goals are to both gain intellect and give back in some form that is beneficial to the group itself. Being a part of the Delta G.E.M.S., means that I aspire to grow and empower myself successfully. Through service learning and community service I have become a compassionate, caring, and community minded young woman. As the Vice President, it is of my primary goal to ensure that the young ladies within the program have the best experience through an organized program that best fits their particular needs. Being both the secretary and member of the National Honor Society, I aim to stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, create enthusiasm for scholarship, and develop character. As a representative in Student Government, it is obligatory for me to voice the opinions and concerns of my peers. It is also a part of my duty to give back to the organization by providing helpful renovations to it as well. In reference to my future, I am diligently working on becoming a Veterinarian and owner of my own practice by the age of twenty-six, in the year of 2024.
I am a giver; a giver of love, good vibes, and strength. While in the process of being all of these things, my goal is to uplift others as I become a better person myself. I am on a journey of non-stop growth and I aspire to constantly gain an additional amount of self-knowledge. I am unapologetically immersed in the beauty of my black sin. I am CiAsha Hickerson.
Current Whereabouts:
Becoming a better me. I am always open to opportunities that will help me grow and I consistently stay open-minded for things that will aid me into becoming an unbreakable, independent, and successful woman.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I aspire to have six sources of income. I will be a Veterinarian, owner of my own practice, Pet Grooming, Pet Boarding, Road Kill Rescue, and a seasonal income; possibly a snow and ice removal company.
Education   (request update)
Michigan State University class of
Grad Major:
High School: Genesee Early College in FLINT, MI class of 2017
Activities & Accomplishments:
Representative in student government, vice president of Delta G.E.M.S, secretary of National Honor Society, mentor in the Roots Club (mentoring/tutoring), auxiliary dancer for Southwestern Academy Mar
Best Memories:
Overall, the exposure to a college campus has given me a many resourceful memories. I have attended numerous events that have prepared me for common obstacles a student may encounter.
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