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Dr. Jenice Armstead
Academic Chair, College of Business, St. Petersburg College

Location: Tampa, FL
Birthday: Jul 16th
Joined: Aug 9th, 2016
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St. Leo Col class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Business Administration
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Jenice Armstead '04 '06 Military Service: United States Navy (1997 - 2004) Yeoman Second Class (Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist) - SCWS Alumni '04 '06, Key West, FL Education Center and MBA Online "Saint Leo University opened up the doors of opportunity for the future. Saint Leo University welcomed a Navy veteran who had no idea who or what she wanted to be. Saint Leo University became my home away from home. The education which I was allowed and afforded to earned, opened has given a plethora of opportunities. I have grown in my profession of business and human resources management in ways that would have never been possible without the education and experience gained while attending Saint Leo University. I have worked for the federal government and private companies. In my most recent accomplishments I have begun a teaching career with Saint Leo University, become a self-published author and human resources consultant. My life has surely improved and I have been an inspiration to those who want to improve their lives by pursing an education with Saint Leo University. I have been truly blessed with life, liberty and opportunity. I look forward to my professional future, as I know the foundation has been laid for success."
Jones International University class of
Grad Major:
I currently work with St. Petersburg College as Academic Chair, College of Business
I have 17 years of experience working in the Executive Management industry.
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