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Jeremiah Rushing
Academic Coach , 100% College Prep

Location: San Francisco , CA United States
Birthday: Dec 31st
Joined: May 27th, 2017
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My parents were never married and didn't have many resources to give my brother and I a structured and safe environment growing up. My father, at the time, was in rehabfor drug and alcohol addiction. On occasion, my family would end up homeless or without food. I learned how to steal from stores for food and from people for money. My mother didn't have the money to purchase hygiene products, so I would come to school smelling of a horrible body odor. I was beat up and made fun of at school for my odor. My mother regularly called the police to handle the physical disputes between my brother and I. When I was twelve, the police had had enough and eventually took me to the police station. I was later brought to a foster home in Pacifica, California. I was placed in three foster homes for a year and a half. My social worker moved me to San Francisco to live with my father who rehabilitated himself.

I attended nine schools, became an alcoholic, and addicted to drugs within a five year range. I have been shot at, beaten by rival gangs, and stabbed with a knife in my lower back. I have matured and overcome barriers unimaginable to get through. I started working at a restaurant called Old Skool Cafe, participated in a class called Thinking for Change, and finish high school at Five Keys Charter Adult High School. Old Skool Cafe is non-profit restaurant, that helps at-risk youth have a second chance. Old Skool Cafe informed me about resources to help me graduate high school. One of the resources was 100% College Prep Institute.They helped me graduate high school after a year when I was twenty.

Shortly after graduation, I began working at New Door Ventures, which is a non profit organization that helps at-risk youth get internships, to care for my ill father dying of lung cancer. I began going to Alive and Free Omega Boys Club, which is a year long college prep program that offers an academic scholarship at the end of the school year. I received the academic scholarship July, 2014 aftermy father died on November 19th 2013. I got off probation two days after my father died. Though it was difficult to accept that my father was gone, I knew that he wanted me to go to college, so I enrolled into City College of San Francisco.

I was fortunate enough to participate with 100% College Prep Institute on a Historically Black College Tour. I am gracious to have been flown to a higher ed conference in Compton, California my first semester at CCSF. While I was in Compton, I got a job offer to work for a non-profit called Coleman Advocates, to bridge the achievement gap for disadvantaged students. Coleman Advocates flew me to Boston, Massachusetts for a higher ed conference to learn and give insight on equity strategies for students at community colleges in America. I discontinued my service at Coleman Advocates to focus on my classes. While I was focusing on my classes, I was flown out to Pasadena, California for another higher ed conference to learn about equity strategies on foster youth. After working with Old Skool Cafe for four years, I transitioned to Willie Brown Middle School as an after school teacher assistant. I stopped working at Willie Brown Middle School to work at Philip Burton High School as an academic coach.

I am transferring to have a better opportunity of excelling in my academics. I want to live on campus so that I can be closer to the library to study, closer to classes, participate in social clubs, travel abroad, and I these aspects will help me prepare for law school. I am going to take advantage of as many resources I get my hands on so that I can graduate with honors.
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High School: Five Keys Charter Adult High School in San Francisco , CA class of 2013
I currently work with 100% College Prep as Academic Coach
I have 3 years of experience working in the Teaching / K-12 Education industry.
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Hello fellow member, I hope that you are having a great day. When you get a chance, please visit my profile page where I have posted some information that could possibly be a life changer
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