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Q&A With Jahna Riley

(interview me)
Jahna Riley
Location: Kansas City, MO United States
Birthday: Sep 8th
Joined: Mar 15th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Working at home, counting down til August 23rd when I get back to school
Education   (request update)
Howard University class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Marketing
Claim To Fame:
Ummm, I'm not too sure anymore- but my plan is to eventually get into sports and entertainment...either marketing or law
Most Memorable Moment:
The entire freshman year was really memorable. Freshman orientation week was the most fun I'd had in a while. Homecoming of course was great. All the hard work I put in w/ the School of B...and of course Team 180, and all the great friends I made.
High School: Lincoln College Prep in , class of 2005
Activities & Accomplishments:
Cheerleading co-captain
Best Memories:
Hanging out with my best friends, ROTC activities, cheerleading, homecoming games, dances, freshman- sophomore ball
The Facebook The Facebook
Hey should go register at facebook. Its just another online community for college have to know your howard e-mail though ...more
Posted by Jahna Riley on July 29th, 2005 • 178 Views
I'm SO Excited I'm SO Excited
Last weekend I took my seond trip to Howard, my first since knowing for sure that its where I'll be next year. It was the BEST! I know that its where I belong, and I'm going to have a great time for ...more
Posted by Jahna Riley on April 13th, 2005 • 179 Views
My Groups
Bisons c/o '09
Guestbook Comments
Hey was good. Though I'd stop by an show sum luv. I also want to work for a record label
Tagged by Simone Berry on 07/10/2006  
Hey, you left me a message a long time ago and now I feel bad because I havent been on here in forever and I never got back to you. I ended up not going to Howard, but Stanford instead. But how was your year?
Tagged by Marc L on 06/14/2006  
Hi Sis, hope all is well and I wish You the best in All Your Lofty Hopes, Dreams, Goals and Endeavors. Honor to be 1st to sign Your GBook. Blessings, Sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 01/12/2006  
I can't wait to come this fall. I know i'll see you seeing that we are in the same school. so, what classes did you/are you taking this year? and what hall are u in?
Tagged by KORENE JONES on 01/08/2006  
So, how is campus life?
Tagged by KORENE JONES on 01/08/2006  
Hey Jahna, i just wanted to come by and show u some luv. i'll be a finance major at HU next year and wanted to meet some people early.Keep in touch.~Stay Blessed~
Tagged by KORENE JONES on 01/07/2006  
I got accepted to Howard!
Tagged by Branden D. Bufford (B. BUFF) on 12/23/2005  
Well, I went Arch-Bishop O'hara High School for my freshamn year then i moved, But i went to Smith-Hale Middle school (hickman mills). Are you ready to come to Dc. You will love it though.
Tagged by Christopher on 07/31/2005  
Hey what high did you go to in KC, i use to live there
Tagged by Christopher on 07/27/2005  
Returnin' tha LUV ... see u in tha fall
Tagged by George Lander on 07/15/2005  
Hey whats up girl. Jus returin the love! Hope to see you in the fall! 09~
Tagged by Jessica M on 06/21/2005  
hey, thanks for the love, maybe i'll c u on the yard next fall
Tagged by Branden D. Bufford (B. BUFF) on 06/20/2005  
Girl what u know about music? Naw, I'm just playin' wit u. I pray u have a blessed 1st yr at Howard. Peace!
Tagged by Brandon Stubbs on 05/10/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 05/10/2005  
hey wats up I saw that u been up there twice...I'm still tryin to do my first...but even if i never visit I'll still wanna go no matter wat.
Tagged by Fabrice Joseph on 05/10/2005  
wassup wit ya? preciate ya hittin me up. if u have any qs or wuteva, feel free to hit me up.
Tagged by Remi Oguntoye on 05/10/2005  
Hey gurl, just wated to say w'suop oand show a fellow '09 bison some love!
Tagged by Dominique Saint-Fort on 05/09/2005  
hey just showing a little love to a future classmate! Are you or were you a debutante? (the white dress lol:)
Tagged by Jess DeT on 05/05/2005  
Hey, Gurl! This is Janika ~The DIVA herself~ !! Just giving you some "Real H_U" Luv. I'll see you in the fall
Tagged by Janika De*Nae on 05/01/2005  
have to give you congrats on your acceptance to Howard. i will be attending this fall. Hopefully we keep in contact. See you this fall.
Tagged by Chioma Njoku on 04/25/2005  
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