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Romain Dallemand
Writer/Researcher, Self

Location: Naples, FL United States
Birthday: Jul 15th
Joined: Dec 23rd, 2019
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I believe all students can learn at very high levels. As an educator, I practice a growth mindset approach. This philosophy comes from my psychology background. In Behavior Psychology, there is a saying that said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” As a result, I embrace Dr. Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset approach and Dr. Jeff Howard’s Efficacy Concept. As a professional, when I engage do research, run an organization, doing consulting work or teaching, I display the following characteristics: Great collegial relationship with superiors, peers and subordinates, strong educational and managerial leadership skill, political leadership skill, knowledge of technology, student-centered and result oriented. I strive to excel in improving diversity and inclusion and in my ability to help my students grow and improve their skills and strong knowledge.
I am responsible and accountable for the instruction and activities for all my students. My students got to read and learn from texts, films guest speakers, and assignments that presented a rainbow of reality to them in terms of race, class, gender, and other areas of social and human differences. I deeply value and am firmly committed to diversity, inclusion, and innovation when it comes to reaching students and providing a well-rounded, welcoming, and affirming educational experience for all involved. I believe in creating a safe space where students feel they have freedom of expression, that their opinions, are valued.
Technology is one great tool I use to increase the quality of instruction and student learning. In the 21st Century, learning should not stop simply because the students go home. I believe in integrated technology that brings the lessons home with students where learning can continue to occur outside of the walls of the classroom.
In all of my previous positions, I pushed for awareness and support around areas of diversity and inclusion. I focused on activities that drew upon personal experience, historical achievements, and in-depth readings by prominent figures of all races, classes, and gender background.
As an Associate Professor of educational leadership, my job is to help develop future educational leaders and innovators to be successful in a multi-ethnic global economy. My experience me well suited to achieve this goal. I have a strong background in curriculum and instruction, I speak 3 languages, English, French and Haitian Creole. Outside of the United States, I lived in Haiti, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. My great grandfather was of German ancestry and I have been married to a Hispanic woman for 31 years. In my professional life, I always worked in very diverse communities and I have strong knowledge in school reform and transformation as well as having the ability to create leaders among students.
Current Whereabouts:
Summary of Research Research Title/s 1. The Education Solution 2. EdEthics 3. Not yet determined Researcher/s 1. Romain Dallemand Project Duration 1. The Education Solution 2011-2023 2. EdEthics 2019-2021 3. Not yet determined 2021-2025 Implementing Agencies 1. The Education Solution: Public schools nationwide 2. EdEthics: Public schools nationwide 3. Not yet determined: Worldwide Cooperating Agency 1. The Education Solution: Not yet identified 2. EdEthics: Not yet identified 3. Not yet determined: Not yet identified Project Description 1. Education budget makes up on average approximately 40% of states’ budgets. For far too long, States have been cutting from their education budget as a measure of balancing their budget. However, with a looming three billion debt hovering over all 50 states, leaving states like Connecticut, Illinois and California among others unable to balance their budgets, it is a matter of time before our nation is hit with another reception greater than that of 2008. Within the next ten years, all states will be forced to cut education budget by half in order to balance their budget. This necessary decision will be the destruction of our public-school system in the United States. The Education Solution is the study of finding ways to completely redesign our education system in order to obtain more exceptional results while cutting our nation’s education budget by nearly half. 2. An increasing number of school superintendents, board members, principals, teachers and other school districts’ staff members are facing problems with the law. No one is genuinely addressing this problem, and yet, it is getting worst each year. EdEthics, is a training program I am developing and intend to launch for school leaders and future leaders as well as the 100,000 school board members in our nation. EdEthics also include consulting with school districts nationally to help create policies and procedures and training to directly address controversial ussies such as political turf wars, embezzlement, bravery, fraud, discrimination, sexually predatory behavior, and other landmine issues that school districts have failed to address over the years. 3. This research has two components. a. In 2019, there were more than two dozen school shootings in our nation. This problem is getting worst each year, leaving educators and others scrambling for an answer. Each time a shooting happens, the entire nation is negatively impacted; particularly, parents and loved ones who have relatives in the unfortunate school. This research is about creating a platform where relatives can tract every loved one while there are in school. b. The United States public education system is one Trillion-dollar enterprise, consists of fifty-two State Department of Education, 18,500 school districts, 98,000 public schools, with nearly 3.2 million teachers and 3.6 million support personnel. Nevertheless, each year, nearly 1.2 million students drop out of school. The dropout rate is a monumental and profound social injustice. Sadly, most people including some educators, are blaming the very victim for their demise. Over the past decade, 12 million people failed to graduate high school. If this trend continues, by the year 2050, the US will have nearly 50 Million adults who will not be prepared to compete in the 21st Century Multi-Ethnic Global Economy. One of the destructive forces this nation has yet to be able to handle is behavior problems in school which is one of the reasons for this rampant dropout rate. This research will involve the monitoring of school behavior in order to improve student learning. Project Significance 1. The way business realized the actual profit is by maximizing efficiencies. I am working on a formula that will help us to address this crisis proactively while solving our education crisis to prevent this cataclysmic event from getting worst. This recommendation will save taxpayers 423 billion dollars per year or over two Trillion dollars in five years. 2. EdEthics will be a practical training based on real experiences of unfortunate events that happened to some of our nation’s most prominent school administrators and other education professionals. This training will be designed to prevent education professionals from facing the same results that destroyed many. 3. It is in our nature to have peace of mind, especially as it relates to our children. We want to ensure they are safe when they go to school. We want to feel that they are in a safe and welcoming learning environment where they are not getting harassed by peers or adults. This platform will provide families with peace and comfort.
Education   (request update)
University of Miami class of 1999
Undergrad Major: Special Education
Campus Organization:
Alpha Phi Alpha
Claim To Fame:
I lead the most progressive Inclusion effort in Connecticut and narrowed the achievement gap.
Most Memorable Moment:
Became an Alpha Phi Alpha
High School: Prospect Heights High School in Brooklyn, NY class of 1986
Activities & Accomplishments:
High School band and soccer team.
Best Memories:
Paying in the high school band
I currently work with Self as Writer/Researcher
I have 22 years of experience working in the Teaching / K-12 Education industry.
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