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Timothy Inge
Location: Hillside, NJ United States
Birthday: Dec 2nd
Joined: Jun 26th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Chillin In New Jersey, Being one of the FLY'EST nigga.z you ever seen in ya life.. You already know I stay fresh like the produce section. Get Ya Cake Up cause the stakes Up. Im going to be down in S.C. soon to take your wifey's from you country nigga.z so keep ya head up and ya eye's 0pen... You GOD Damn Right. Im Feeling My Self A Chauffeur No Sir Im Wheeling My Self -Fabolous.. That's How I d0...
Education   (request update)
Benedict College class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Criminal Justice
Claim To Fame:
Did'nt Get there yet
Most Memorable Moment:
Did'nt Get there yet
High School: Hillside High School in , class of 2004
Best Memories:
Playing Football, Ethinic Study Class was my favorite class because all my nigga.z was in there and it was a real educational class and we had alot of fun.
My Groups
Those sexy Hot Wildcats! B-CC
Guestbook Comments
Looking good in that red hat
Tagged by Ashley Hughes on 08/17/2005  
Thank you for showing me the luv, I hope to see you around!
Tagged by Crystal Jones on 08/05/2005  
Sorry it took so long to reply, i've been busy..thanks for showin some love with a comment, that was very much appreciated!take care
Tagged by Angela Gill on 08/04/2005  
Yo sup ? On behalf of the SGA President Nicholas Scott and myself (2nd Vice President of SGA) we would like to welcome you to our very fine institution. Should you need assistance with anything please do not hesitate to ask. Welcome!
Tagged by Demond T. Coleman on 08/04/2005  
whats up.. well i know its taken a while, but here'z sum miami love in return... by the way, nice picturez im really feelin the whickz
Tagged by Patrice Arguez on 08/03/2005  
Hey cutie! Just wanted to stop by and show some Deep $outh love! Much love, God bless, and holla! ~one~
Tagged by Danesha W on 08/02/2005  
Hey. thanks for showinf me some luv. Hope you freshmen year is Krunk.
Tagged by India Smith on 08/01/2005  
Wassup??? I love what you said in ur current whereabouts talking bout u bout to be in SC taking niggaz wifeys thats live!!! I like cocky, confident but not too conceited!lol Holla at me!
Tagged by Ashley Phillips on 08/01/2005  
GOTTA SHOW U DAT JERZEE LUV!!!!wuz good???..thanx for signin my page...the best luv is jerzee luv!!!
Tagged by KeKe Rogers on 08/01/2005  
Brick City! Holla! Nah, but thanxs for showing me some luv, you know I had to do da same especially since you rep da tri-state!
Tagged by Sharelle Johnson on 07/30/2005  
thanx for stoppin by my spot. So im returnin' tha luv boo.
Tagged by Constance E on 07/28/2005  
whats good? just returning the love, i see you from jersey, right around the corner from md.
Tagged by Chanté Sessomes on 07/28/2005  
droppin some of my SC love for your page halla @ ya gyrl
Tagged by Erica S on 07/28/2005  
thanks for hitting me up send me a personal message so when can talk sometime
Tagged by unique willis on 07/28/2005  
Wats really good, seen you was from the Tri-state, NY NJ STAND UP!!!!! na but just happy to see a black male doin something positive, make me proud lol
Tagged by Allison Simone on 07/26/2005  
Just wanted to drop a few lines on your wall...thanx for showing me some luv! :)
Tagged by Brittany Watson on 07/26/2005  
Thanks for hitting me up. Just thought I return the favor. You keep up the good work too! God Bless. Remember with God all things are possible.
Tagged by JaNese Woolridge on 07/25/2005  
Whas good sexy?? Just showing some love from Cheyney University in PA but i also gotta show you that JERSEY LOVE *609* ALL DAY!!! k*i*t
Tagged by Tandria Jones on 07/25/2005  
whats up wit you thanks for the luv get at me some time ;)
Tagged by Teesha Harper on 07/25/2005  
Hey See You August 7....
Tagged by Noraini Mason on 07/24/2005  
just came thru to show luv. I wish the best with everything your heart desires. I hope u reach all your goals and have a successful future. Be encouraged and may God continue to be with u and pour down his many blessings upon u
Tagged by Kimberly John on 07/24/2005  
ha..thanxs 4 the comment to my blog..u may have to get me..take care
Tagged by Adrienne Fleming on 07/24/2005  
Hey. Thanks for the luv. Good luck this fall at school
Tagged by Tiffany King-Mickens on 07/23/2005  
Wassup Timothy! I just stop through to show some Skegee. Hit me up when you need to talk.
Tagged by Connie Williams on 07/22/2005  
Good luck in all of your future endeavors
Tagged by Frederick Engram on 07/21/2005  
hey whats up with u? hope u having a great summer! and thats for the luv! holla at me1
Tagged by *Tia* S. on 07/21/2005  
Hey sweetie....just returning the love...good luck in everything you do! Ttyl :)
Tagged by Crystal Buxton on 07/21/2005  
What up Mr. Fabolous...just returning the love.
Tagged by Kenyatia Mclish on 07/20/2005  
wat up pretty boi, i read your profile & i must say u must have sum killa game to catch a GOOD, TOP NOTCH down south chick!
Tagged by sarah spencer on 07/20/2005  
Thanks for showin me HBCU love hun XOXO...Dont be a stranger
Tagged by Kandyce Odwin on 07/19/2005  
Thanks for stopping by and showing that BC luvin'! Had to return the favor!
Tagged by September Bennett on 07/17/2005  
whatz good thanx for the love!! You're a cutie ya`self! We`ll see about hittin up ya college lolz. Keep in touch! Email me or something! iight God Bless
Tagged by Briaunna Ponder on 07/15/2005  
Hey just wanted to show you some ASU love!!
Tagged by Kendra Lee on 07/15/2005  
Thas wassup man. U kinda remind me of one of Them Delta Pi cats the jr. Frat/Sorority up there. I know they big up there. N u gotta join u on that quest 2 show some of these country nuccas how Nu JEru Get down.
Tagged by Eric Johnson on 07/15/2005  
what's up!? I see your an incoming freshman...good luck next yr; holla at me
Tagged by Laura Wise on 07/14/2005  
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