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Fawaz Abdullah
Production and supplier engineer, Honda

Location: Baltimore, MD United States
Joined: Mar 8th, 2023
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Morgan State University class of 2026
Undergrad Major: Electrical Engineering
Scholarship Essay: 2024-02-20 14:39:56
I chose to attend an HBCU to have better link and connection to my African culture and heritage. With my mother from Ghana and my father from Mew Jersey I exert myself as an epitome of an African American and I feel like an HBCU would except me for my direct connection because in elementary school I really remember children teasing me because my mother was from Africa to the point where I did not want to associated with Africans and a feeling of being ashamed, however at an HBCU I was accepted gracefully to the point where I felt proud to be connected directly to Africa which gave me pride and made me want to gloat about my direct link to Africa through my mother. Attending an HBCU helps me meet my future goals because I am able to connect with fellow African Americans building my network to potentially assist me in achieving and exerting them essence and immanence of black culture. It will also help me to navigate through the corporate world of white America as an African American by enabling me to connect with and network with other African Americans who are in the corporate world and will accept me for being A strong independent engineering individual in the industry. I can also prove to the industry that HBCUs homes enriching and aspiring young African Americans.

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I currently work with Honda as Production and supplier engineer
I have years of experience working in the Engineering industry.
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